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Fluffy Peanut Butter Dip

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Fluffy Peanut Butter Dip

fluffy-peanut-butter-dip displayed on a wooden pallet

This dip is meant to be a once in a while treat.  Please don’t mistake it for something that ought to be enjoyed by the spoonful on a rainy afternoon.  What? No, I didn’t sit around eating a jar of this yummy-in-my-tummy peanut butter dip… while it rained outside. :)

What kind of girl do you take me for?   I could have, though! No doubt about it.   In fact, if you don’t have much for willpower, don’t make it.  There, you have been warned; I can carry on with a clean conscience.

I created this recipe on a whim, and after taking a small taste test, I knew I had to use it up before I inhaled the whole jar. So I created my Raw Chocolate-Peanut Butter Truffle Cream Pie just to make sure that I didn’t fall to temptation. Phew, close call, but I saved myself.  Errr, so I thought… have you seen that pie!  Good-golly! What was I thinking?   That was like putting salt on an open wound.

Anyway,  this dip turned out incredibly creamy and decadent.  You will need a high-powered blender to get it nice and smooth.  If you wanted to extend this recipe, meaning giving it more volume,  you could add a cup of  Greek Nogurt to it, and it would be heavenly.

There are many ways to enjoy this dip; serve it with sliced apples, add a spoonful into a Thai-inspired peanut sauce,  ice the top of a cupcake, dip bananas into it,  serve over ice cream… I am positive that you won’t struggle with what to do with it once made. I hope you enjoy this simple recipe. Many blessings, amie sue

a close up of raw, vegan fluffy-peanut-butter-dipIngredients:


  1. In a high-powered blender combine the peanut butter, sweetener, date paste, vanilla, and salt.  Process until smooth.
    • I use organic roasted peanuts when making my own peanut butter unless I can get my hands on raw jungle peanuts, which aren’t often.
  2. Stop occasionally to scrape the sides down.
  3. Store in the fridge in a glass container for about 2 weeks. To soften, leave out at room temperature for a few hours.






12 thoughts on “Fluffy Peanut Butter Dip

  1. Chandra says:

    Couldn’t you replace the peanut butter with almond butter to make it a little healthier? I have sensitivity to peanuts, so I do almond butter or sunflower seed butter.

  2. grace says:

    Okay now you’ve done it !! I’m going to HAVE to make this and the PIE :)
    thanks so much for all these awesome recipes !

  3. Sóley says:

    I’m addicted to this right now. This is too delicious!! You are a genius Amie Sue!

  4. Michelle says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Amie-Sue,

    I want to make a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. Do you think I could add the peanut butter swirl in the batter instead of the top? If not, do you have another suggestion?
    Many thanks, Michelle

    • amie-sue says:

      Hello Michelle,

      I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. May I ask (just curious) as to why you wouldn’t want to swirl it on top as indicated? Have a wonderful weekend, amie sue

  5. ioana says:

    Dear Amie Sue,

    Do you use raw peanut butter? I made some right now, and the information regarding the use of raw peanuts is controversial.
    Thank you,

    • amie-sue says:

      Good morning Ioana,

      Most of the time I make my peanut butter with organic roasted peanuts. The only time I use raw is if I can my hands on raw jungle peanuts. The majority of people get their raw peanuts from bulk bins at the grocery store which I find questionable because you have no idea how long they have been sitting around and if they are the verge of going rancid. Blessings, amie sue

  6. Rawchocolate25 says:

    Is there anything you can use to replace dates? Please and thank you !

    • amie-sue says:

      Not that I can think of. When dates are fully blended they get light in color and fluffy which is what gives this recipe the texture and consistency I was aiming form. blessings, amie sue

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