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Christmas and Gift Packaging Ideas

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raw vegan Glory Bee Honey Chews in a large mason jar for gift givingIf you enjoy playing in the kitchen, then you probably enjoy giving food gifts to friends and family. Christmas time isn’t the only time I give food gifts; it’s a pretty much a frequent thing for me.  But there is something extraordinary about giving out “baked” goods during the Christmas holidays.

The creative art of wrapping gifts has been slowly dying with the onset of paper bags and plastic containers. Today I want to encourage you to resurrect this art during this holiday season with the gifts of food that you give.

So much beauty can be created not only in the food but also through the presentation of the gift. Presenting an artistic, creatively wrapped gift is just one way to express a bit more thought and love. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a beautifully wrapped present?

Don’t let a limited budget discourage you; there are so many beautiful vessels that can be used for packaging, and they don’t have to be expensive.  These days when I am out shopping, I view just about everything as a vessel that can be used to package up goodies.  Try to use items that can be used again once the sweet treats have been thoroughly enjoyed.  Use and reuse is the best way to go.

Remember, a beautiful presentation can help to express our hearts with even the most simple of food gifts and reflect more clearly that it truly is “the thought that counts.”

Last year, I posted how Bob and I have switched to wrapping our gifts in cloth to cut down on waste.  We don’t use tape; instead, we use twine and ribbons, which can be reused over and over. Click (here) to read more about it.

Click on this link for more Edible Gift Ideas (food and packaging tips) as well as shipping tips. I will be sharing all the candy recipes that you see in the following photos throughout this month.  Blessings, amie sue

A few years back I shared how to make these Vintage Knobby Jar Gift Idea

which are perfect for holding granolas and other raw treats.

fancy drawer nobs added to mason jar lids

These containers are courtesy of the olive bar in our

local grocery store.  Sometimes they will just give you

a few, or at least sell them for a small amount.  Always ask.

packaging raw candy in deli containers from the grocery store

Windowed cardboard boxes offer a beautiful presentation.

They come in many shapes and sizes.

packaging raw candy in brown box containers from the craft store

Adding a sprig of pine or Christmas picks on top is very decorative.

packaging raw candy in brown box containers with twine wrapped around them

These small bags are perfect for displaying all the yumminess

that is nestled inside.  These are solid silver on the back and

clear on the front.  I printed labels, but if you don’t have a

printer, you can write on labels too.  Make it personal!

packaging raw candy in silver and clear bags

I LOVE these gumball tubes.  Perfect for gift giving or even just

for popping in lunch pails, backpacks, or your purse.  Note… secure

the ends with tape if you plan on shipping them or also throwing

them in a bag.  Mine popped open in my luggage. :)  A snack for TSA?

Game Night Trail Mix stored in clear tubes for gift giving

Clear bags and jars also create an excellent gift-giving vessel.

raw vegan Raspberry Chocolate Tootsie Chews packaged in clear bags for gift giving

I love the look of these pillow boxes (solid, clear).  They also come in

many shapes and sizes.

raw vegan Peppermint Chews wrapped in wax paper for gift giving

Again… jars with decorative lids!  OMG-cuteness-factor!

raw vegan Strawberry Tootsie Chews stored in a small mason jar with a red decorative lid

They also sell clear buckets that come in many sizes, as well. I

lined the inside with some card stock paper, just giving it that

a unique personal touch.

Oldfather Fennel “Licorice" stored in clear decorative bucket for gift giving

This turned out to be one of my all-time favorites.  A glass butter

dish from the Dollar Store!  Perfect for presenting truffles. Just

tie a ribbon or twine around it to secure it shut.

Salted “Caramel” Ganache Truffles packaged in a Dollar Store butter dish for gift giving

You can find all sorts of boxes at your local craft stores too!

raw vegan peppermint chews boxed in red and white boxes for gift ideas

Brown lunch bags! You will find these in the plastic wrap/foil

section of the grocery store.  Add a label, twine, or ribbon, and they

go from ordinary to extraordinary within seconds.

raw vegan MincePie Granola bagged in brown lunch bags for gift giving

Another fun way to present a gift is in these Mason Jar Cozies.

Load them up with raw treats or teas, and they get double the gifts.

a display of Sweater & Fleece drinking jar Cozies

Here is wishing a wonderful holiday season for all my amazing subscribers.  amie sue

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