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Garlic Honey Throat, Cold and Flu Remedy

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Garlic Honey Throat, Cold and Flu Remedy


How to soothe sore throat - raw vegan Garlic Honey Throat, Cold and Flu Remedy displayed on barn woodThis is a great cold and flu remedy to have on hand!


is a powerful immune-booster.  It is very effective against nasty bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.  The antibiotic qualities of garlic appear to be a direct result of the allicin produced from raw, crushed garlic.  This is destroyed by age and cooking – cooked garlic has virtually no antibiotic value although it still retains other benefits.


also has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties, so when you combine the two, you’ve got a great aid to help you fight sore throats, colds, or the flu.

So here’s a tip: when infused in honey, raw garlic becomes far more palatable.  Tasty even!  So keep a jar of this on hand at all times.  At the first sign of a sore throat, cold or flu, start popping honey infused garlic and try to eat one clove every hour or two all day long.  Decrease the amount the next day, but continue to eat a couple of cloves a day until all better.

So make up a jar of this and keep it in your fridge so that you will be all set for winter (or the next time you start to feel sick).  The garlic is ready to eat after a few days but tastes even better over time.  You can replace the garlic cloves with fresh ones whenever you take some out, so the jar remains pretty much full at all times. Enjoy your combination of garlic and honey to soothe your cough.


The consumption of honey during the first year of life has been identified as a risk factor for infant botulism.  Infant botulism occurs when a baby eats living bacteria or its spores, and they grow in the baby’s gastrointestinal tract.  The most common cause of infant botulism is eating honey or corn syrup.   Please research this for more detailed information.  Here is what the Mayo Clinic has to say about it as well.

Recipe adapted from Healthy Green Kitchens

a close up of raw vegan Garlic Honey Throat, Cold and Flu Remedy displayed on barn woodIngredients:

  • 1-pint jar, plastic or glass lid
  • 1 cup of peeled garlic,  separated into cloves
  • raw local honey to fill your glass jar of choice


  1. Fill the jar with garlic cloves (leave about 1 1/2″ of headspace from the top of the jar), pour the honey over the garlic (leave about 1/2-1″ of head space between the honey and lid), and place it in the fridge.
    • Allow mixture to infuse for a couple of days before using.
    • Be sure to start with fresh garlic. All cloves should be firm. Sniff, there should be no smell of mold, hardly any smell at all. And no sprouts, when sprouting starts, it can be bitter.
    • Look for garlic that is sold loose. Therefore you can select healthy, solid bulbs. Garlic bulbs should be plump and compact with unbroken skin. Avoid those with damp or soft spots.
  2. At the first sign of illness, start eating a clove every hour or two.  Aim for about 6 cloves per day.
    • The honey can be taken on its own by the spoonful as a cough syrup.
    • You could also mix a teaspoon of the honey with some raw apple cider vinegar and hot water and drink this as a tonic when you’re sick; feel free to add a dash of cayenne pepper, too- this is excellent for your sinuses.
    • If you have a sensitive stomach or unsure of how your body will respond to eating a whole garlic close, cut in 1/4 or 1/2 and test a small piece first.


I had a reader send me a private email asking about botulism and if a person runs a risk of that when soaking garlic in honey.  I spent a great deal of time searching Google to find a specific answer, but I couldn’t find anything black and white regarding it.

There are a lot of warnings out there about botulism when it comes to soaking garlic in olive oil but not much about garlic in honey.  As mentioned above I found this recipe on Healthy Green Kitchen.  This site is run by a woman who has a degree in naturopathic medicine.  I contacted her to see what her take is and she felt that there wasn’t an issue and has had a jar in her fridge for 2 years now with no problems.  I didn’t stop there though.  I put out 4 different emails inquiring about the subject matter at hand.  I contacted:

Honey and Garlic for Sore Throats1st email –

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). Who replied…

Thank you for your inquiry to CDC-INFO. In response to your request for information on your risk for botulism, we are pleased to provide you with the following information.
While CDC-INFO was unable to locate specific information on the risk for botulism regarding the recipe you cited, we can provide you with the following information.
There are many things you can do to prevent botulism.
First, follow strict hygienic (cleanliness) procedures when canning food at home. This will help keep bacteria from getting into the food. Always follow proper home canning recipes, including the use of pressure canners or cookers when recommended. Boiling home-canned foods for 10 minutes before eating them will inactivate botulinum toxin.

You should also:
* Keep oils infused with garlic or herbs in the refrigerator.

Don’t feed honey to babies less than 1-year-old. This is because honey may contain the spores that can produce botulism bacteria.

Most cases of foodborne botulism come from foods that have been canned at home, especially home-canned vegetables. The bacteria that cause botulism can grow in foods that are not canned properly. In Alaska, fermented fish and other traditional aquatic game foods are the most common cause of botulism.  Honey is a common cause of infant botulism.

Wound botulism has been linked to the use of black-tar heroin. It is most common in California.

As a public health message, the CDC would like to remind you that in order to prevent wound botulism, you should:
* See your doctor right away, if you have an infected wound; and
* Not inject street drugs.

To learn about how to can food safely, you can get information from:
* Your county or state health department;
* The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA); or
* The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

2nd email -Mayo Clinic.com, who replied…

Dear Amie Sue,

Thank you for your e-mail.  I was unable to find information on our site to answer your specific inquiry. I’m sorry we’re unable to assist you. We suggest you try a Google search for your inquiry. Thanks for visiting. We are always adding new content to our site so we hope you will continue to be a frequent visitor!

Best wishes, Stacey – Mayo Clinic Online Services

3rd email – Penn State Department of Food Science, who replied…

Amie Sue,  It would not be a risk as long as it was stored in the refrigerator.  I would be worried that someone would see honey in the refrigerator and then move it to room temperature storage, where it would be a botulism risk.

 Martin Bucknavage

  • Senior Food Safety Extension Associate
  • Penn State Department of Food Science
  • Penn State Extension
  • 438 Food Science Building
  • University Park, PA  16802


This website is not intended to provide medical advice.  All content, including text, graphics, images, and information available on this site is for general informational, entertainment, and educational purposes only.  The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment. The author of this site is not responsible for any adverse effects that may occur from the application of the information on this site. You are encouraged to make your own healthcare decisions, based on your research and in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional.

95 thoughts on “Garlic Honey Throat, Cold and Flu Remedy

  1. Kim says:

    Whenever I start to feel sick, I crush a couple of garlic cloves and mix them with honey. Then I swallow the mixture by the spoonful with some almond milk. It’s not tasty, but it works. Of course, my husband says I smell like garlic for a few days, but it’s worth it to feel better. I love your idea of mellowing the garlic ahead of time with the honey. I will definitely try this. Thanks for the great idea!

    • amie-sue says:

      My husband loves garlic about as much as I do….so when one eats it, we both eat it…then we tolerate one another. haha

  2. Gabrielle says:

    I love garlic as well! Nothing like fresh grown Farmers Market. I just eat it raw. But, this is a fabulous idea too. :)
    Thanks, Amie Sue what timing you have!

  3. Cathy says:

    This is true of Garlic, been doing it for years . My concern is that honey is from bees and has a bad reaction for those that are diebetis or hypoglycemic. Im sure stevia would be just as good. Thats my opionion. Thank You.
    Your receipts are great.

  4. mary rhim says:

    What a great idea. Will try this. This is an awesome site. Just love it.

  5. Heather says:

    Love your ideas…unfortunately I am seeing this too late.. feeling nasty today and wish I had some on hand… But this is going on my to do list for sure:)

    • amie-sue says:

      Heather, I hope you feel better soon! If you have either ingredient, I suggest consuming them during your down time. My husband has been fighting a cold and it is at the coughing/flem stage so I have been making tea with honey in it and that has been helping in keeping things calm. Blessings and healthy hugs! :)

  6. Jan Allan says:

    We always made this drink with boiling water, lemon and honey for colds. I’m thinking the lemon cuts the phlegm, and the honey soothes the throat as well as relaxing the coughing. This recipe sounds wonderful and I’ll be sure to try it….but not planning on being sick anytime soon! ha.

  7. Marge says:

    Thanks for the great info….I like this site I stumbled upon…I have been semi raw for about ten years. I have a unique job and have literally worked and lived on the road since 1997. During the winter I am 50% raw…summer 75% raw….since doing this I have seen a big improvement in my over all health….I am 61 and take no medication except 1/2 dose hormone pills and occasional ibuprofen….as I did inherit arthritis….I do eat a lot of onions and garlic….have a blessed day….

    • amie-sue says:

      That is so wonderful Marge. Thank you for sharing. What do you do on the road for work? Have a wonderful week! amie sue

  8. Good morning Amie-Sue,
    I stumbled on your site via my study course with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

    I do not get sick , ever , full stop , end of story because :-

    I eat basic coloured greens,fruits,veg,nuts, legumes etc plus
    some meats and lots of fish ( aye lassie, nothing like good North Sea cod )

    • amie-sue says:

      Hello fellow INN :) I am happy to hear that you are healthy!! It’s important to find what works for each and every one of us, sounds like you found your way. Awesome! Have a wonderful evening, amie sue

  9. Laura Plumb says:

    Hi Amie-Sue, What a delightful blog, a helpful post and a lot of care you put into research. For over 25 years, at the first sign of a cold I put a clove of garlic without peeling it into the back of the mouth behind the molars where that little bit of pressure causes its juices to be released and roll right down the throat, killing bacteria, and erasing the cold. My Ayurveda buddies use garlic for the flu, too. You are divine to share this recipe to help so many stay healthy!

    • amie-sue says:

      Thank you Laura. That sounds like what my dad does. He is a trucker and if he ever feels under the weather, he starts eating whole garlic cloves. Thank goodness he drives alone during those times. hehe I appreciate your comment. Have a wonderful day, amie sue

  10. Lisa says:

    I have a recipe that I got from Susun Weed who is very well known and has been around for many years. She has written books and magazines and teaches classes, etc. Her recipe is the same except she does not peel her garlic and she leaves it sit out on the countertop FOREVER and says it never spoils and is not known to develop botulism. I made this recipe, although I peeled my ORGANIC garlic, and left it sit out. First thing I noticed is that I have to keep burping the jar because apparently there is some fermentation going on. Mine has been sitting out for 2 weeks now and I have been using the honey for about a week, just a little each day, and I have not noticed any bad effect. You can read what Susun has to say and see her recipe here: http://wisewomanherbalezine.com/wordpress/2011/12/12/december-12-2011/

  11. Jay says:

    Thank you for this wonderful site!
    Is it better to eat these whole or chew them up? Does it matter?

    Thank you again!

  12. Tim Barry says:

    I was wondering about heating the honey up a little, to help it infuse with the garlic. Yes or No???

    • amie-sue says:

      No, I wouldn’t Tim.. I don’t feel that there is a need too personally. amie sue

    • MissSandra says:

      I’ve had mine in a dark cupboard for over a year. I turn mine upside down once in a while to take care of the floaters. I’m taking it now because I caught the grandkids colds. I know from experience that I’ll be better in a day or two

  13. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for another way to eat raw garlic!

    According to everything I’ve ever read raw honey is antibacterial, antifungal and antibiotic. It works amazingly well in wounds. There is a lot of information out there about this, but I was first introduced to it through the book, 10 Essential Herbs by Lalitha Thomas–my favorite herb book of all time. She has another wonderful way to eat garlic raw as well. Her recipe for garlic popcorn is so tasty. My children especially loved it when they were young.

    My parents put raw garlic cloves in sweet pickle juice after the pickles are gone. The garlic gets infused with the juice and is easy to eat. A few of my children like this as well.

    Thanks again! Your site is so beautiful and inviting–it’s the site I tell my friends about.

    • amie-sue says:

      Thank you for sharing Jeanne. Bob and I are very found of garlic. I love the idea of putting the cloves in pickle juice. :) Have a blessed and wonderful day, amie sue

  14. Akila says:

    Hi Amie,

    Thanks for the recipe :)

    I live in a warm country (Singapore) and am wondering whether letting the garlic sit in honey for a couple of days at room temperature will spoil it. Can I put it in the fridge immediately after bottling it?

    Thanks again :)

  15. Atispi says:

    My son gets strep throat and swollen tonsils very often. I hate giving him antibiotics every few weeks. Do you think switching over to garlic would help?

    • amie-sue says:

      Good morning Atispi,

      I am sorry but I can’t really give you medical advice and recommend stopping a medication or not. I understand though your feelings about antibiotics. Building his immune system seems like a huge priority to give him a stronger foundation to help fight this. But I am sure you are aware of that. amie sue

  16. Friedel says:

    The thing I noticed is that the garlic is definitely fermenting, and this makes me a bit nervous. The last time I opened the jar, honey sprayed everywhere from the built up pressure. Is this normal???

    • amie-sue says:

      Oh dear, that doesn’t sound right at all. I wouldn’t use it at that point. I haven’t experienced that before. My garlics never tasted fermented nor did they respond that way… amie sue

  17. Joan Pascual says:

    hi ms amie.i just want to ask if this recipe is applicable for my daughter,she’s 4yrs old and with an allergic rhinitis?also for me,I’m suffering from gastritis.thanks ms Amie.hope to hear from u.godbless.

    • amie-sue says:

      Hello Joan,

      I am sorry but I can’t advise you on this. I don’t know the answer and it would be best to check with your physician on this before trying it. amie sue

  18. Robbie says:

    Would lemon slices cause problems if you popped a few in there?

  19. CFJAZIZ says:

    Hi Amie
    Regarding botulism in honey, I did a similar tonic a few years ago before I knew as much about searching for information online. I recall that chopped the garlic and placed in the bottom of a CLEAN AND COMPLETELY DRY glass jar. I used enough honey just to cover the garlic. Then I filled the jar the rest of the way with ACV. My husband and I took a tablespoon full each more in a large glass of water. Wow! What a great zing it gave! We’d feel refreshed and energized to drink that tonic. Kept the jar in the tea cabinet beside the mugs so we’d remember to dose every morning. Never thought or worried (or even knew!) about botulism until later when someone pointed it out. Don’t know if it was the addition of ACV that made the difference or if just my guardian angel watching out for me

  20. Ari says:

    Hello All – I came across this recipe through a FB group (Wild Fermentation) and very few people put this is the refrigerator. They are actually having the garlic ferment in the honey on purpose and then eat it. It will last on the counter until it gets eaten up! I believe the same process can happen in the fridge but at a much, much slower rate…or start it fermenting first, and then it will continue slowly fermenting in the fridge. Apparently, honey and garlic isn’t the right environment for botulism. I’m going to start one in a Fido jar (this type of jar off-gasses on its own) as soon as I find some good garlic! If you ferment in a Mason jar, you need to let the gases out (burp it) or it will explode from the pressure as happened to one of the commenters here. Good luck all!

    • amie-sue says:

      Hello Ari, thanks for sharing. If you think about it when the times come, please come back and share your outcome. It’s always great to learn new things! Have a wonderful week, amie sue

  21. Patty Stone says:

    Hi. I have the honey and the garlic and am going to try this. I also have an abundance of elephant garlic. Will this work with elephant garlic?

    • amie-sue says:

      Good question Patty,

      Elephant garlic really isn’t garlic at all, but are a bulb that is related to leeks. So there is a difference in flavor between elephant and regular garlic. Elephant garlic carries a more subtle, sweet flavor and is a poor substitute when you want the robustness of garlic. From some of the quick research that I have done, it doesn’t seem to have the same health benefits as regular garlic. I would personally pass on using it in the “recipe” and enjoy it in other ways.

      Have a great day, amie sue

  22. Mary Ellen says:

    When I eat the raw garlic and honey, my stomach wants to retch. Not my mind, but my stomach. Any ideas why? I have noticed though that the whites of my eyes are getting whiter when I eat the combination. Going to infuse some today, that might help take the ‘bite’ out of the ‘experience’!

    • amie-sue says:

      Good morning Mary, sorry for the delay, I am on vacation. To clarify…. when you eat raw garlic and honey, your stomach retches… combined or separately? I have no idea why… but if that is the case, I won’t eat them. Your body is trying to tell you something. Have a great day, amie sue

  23. Jackie says:

    My garlic has been fermenting in honey for about 6 months. I try it every once in a while. I figured the garlic would soften with the fermenting process but it stays hard and crisp. The raw honey got dark brown and runny, which is telling me that it is fermenting. However, I expected the garlic to get soft. Is it suppose to stay hard?

    • amie-sue says:

      Hello Jackie,

      I am not sure… Mine never lasted that long, but I could see that happening since honey helps to preserve things. You will have to trust your judgement on that one. amie sue

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  25. Carol says:

    I tried this but the Garlic did not infuse with the honey. I filled a pint jar about half full of garlic and then filled it up with 100% pure honey. I left it sit on the counter for 2 full days. I put it in the refrigerator and tried one about a week later. Very hot and spicy. Made me sick to my stomach for about 5-10 minutes. I poked holes in the garlic and left it on the counter over night. tried one the very next day and same thing, I got sick to my stomach and garlic was still very hot. I put it in the refrigerator for another week. I just tried it again today and it is still very hot and I got sick to my stomach for 5-10 minutes. The garlic is completely emerged into the honey but the garlic doesn’t seem to be soaking up the honey. Any suggestions? I may just have to use it in my cooking and give up on using it to fight off any flu bugs.

    • amie-sue says:

      Well for starters the fact that you repeatedly feel ill after consuming it in tells me it’s not agreeing with you and I would suggest not eating it. I don’t have any further suggestions. Perhaps it is the particular garlic that you bought was too hot in taste to start with. Garlic cloves flavor ranges from very mild to very hot. The garlic won’t “soak” up the honey. It’s more about the garlic infusing the honey.

      But again, I wouldn’t partake of it since it has made you ill several times. amie sue

    • Jackie says:

      It takes a long time for the garlic to infuse with the honey. Every couple of months, I tried mine and it tasted the same. Now 10 months later, the flavors have infused and the honey isn’t crunchy. It tastes delicious!

      I got a cold/flu bug and consumed a lot of this. I didn’t notice that it did anything for me. However, I wasn’t home when I got sick so wasn’t able to start consuming this until I’d been sick for a couple of days. Next time I get sick, I’ll try consuming it right away and see if that helps.

      • amie-sue says:

        Thank you for sharing your experience Jackie. Things can be volatile when dealing with fresh ingredients. Blessings, amie sue

  26. Sheila says:

    I tried this except I crushed the garlic cloves a bit first before adding the honey. I let it sit on the counter for 5 days but then noticed that some of the cloves were a grey-ish color…I’m assuming that it’s gone moldy? now I’m scared to eat it..perhaps it’s better to just place into the fridge right away..i wonder how long the garlic lasts before going bad in the honey?

    • amie-sue says:

      Hello Sheila,

      I can’t speak for how crushed garlic works in this since I have only done the cloves. What type of honey did you use? Was it raw? How old or fresh was the garlic that you started with? I am sure the grey-ish color is ok… but if in doubt I wouldn’t eat it. Eating foods in question just sets your body up for ill effects mentally if you know what I mean. amie sue

      • Sheila says:

        I used cloves as well but just hit it with a knife a couple times to open it up and make the absorption better. I used organic pure honey and the garlic was fresh. How often do you think we need to renew the garlic?

        • amie-sue says:

          I am not sure Sheila. I don’t make huge jars of it, so I just use it till gone. I don’t think it’s meant for the garlic to be removed just to replace it. amie sue

  27. Shreyas says:

    Can grind both of them na, Instead of pouring honey to garlics,is there any adverse effects doing so

    • amie-sue says:

      Hello Shreyas,

      That’s a great question. I wouldn’t think so but I can’t be 100% positive. It would greatly infuse the honey with the “shell” of the garlic broken. We keep the cloves whole. Bob likes to take one out daily and pop it in his mouth. It is easier to remove and replace with the whole cloves. Blessings, amie sue

  28. Shreyas says:

    How long it can be stored and at what temperature

    • amie-sue says:

      Hello Shreyas,

      I have had some last for months. I can’t really say exactly how long it will last, but have kept an on going batch throughout the winter before. I keep mine stored in the fridge. Have a great weekend, amie sue

  29. Melanie says:

    Do you peel the garlic? Does it matter if you take out the peel?

  30. Sadiya says:

    My son is a year old. He has been suffering from severe cold and cough. I’m tired of giving syrups so i made dis mixture myself. I started giving him just today but I wantex to know more abt d combination. Is there much to worry about with regards to his age? He takes dis very easily than d cough/cold syrups.

    • amie-sue says:

      Good morning Sadiya,

      I can’t answer this question, I would talk to your wellness doctor. I did post a warming about not giving it to children under 1 year. That is normal with all honey, but again, please talk to his pediatrician. Sending healing thoughts and love his way. Sorry that he isn’t feeling well. Blessings, amie sue

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  32. edk_doc says:

    I eat raw garlic whenever I feel I am going to get sick from cold or flu. I eat 3-4 cloves raw each meal of the day. well, it is not a pleasant feeling since raw garlic is very spicy and it burns my tongue. usually I will do this for three days and stop for one day. most of the time, cold/flu symptoms go away. if not, then continue for another three days. Meanwhile, I will also take Vitamin C and B-complex. this works for me many times.

    • amie-sue says:

      You sound like my dad… he pop fresh garlic cloves like they are candy. Brave soul. hehe It sounds like you have a good plan put in place to chase away the cold-season when it strikes. That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing your routine with me/us. Blessings, amie sue

  33. GEORGE KARISA says:


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  35. John Solo says:

    It is important to note, the benefits of garlic will be effective if consumed in raw form. If you are able to withstand the spicy taste and the smell of garlic, you can chew the garlic directly so that alliacin mixed with saliva enzyme first. If you can not stand the spicy flavor and aroma, you can swallow garlic directly. Sometimes after eating garlic the stomach will feel pain and sore. To reduce the sensation of pain due to consuming garlic, you can eat garlic with banana.

    • amie-sue says:

      Thank you John. I for one can’t handle eating a whole clove of raw garlic but I know others who can. I know that there is a lot of healing power within them. Blessings, amie sue

  36. Anamaria says:

    Although I can apparently munch the raw cloves whole, this definitely made it a lot easier :) after about a week in the fridge I can see what you meant by the garlic and honey infusing! Honey tastes garlicky but yummy, garlic is softer and tastes milder. Probably more so in my case as I cut most cloves in half (they were pretty huge). Just made my second batch! Thanks for this recipe

    • amie-sue says:

      It makes choking down a garlic clove all the much easier, doesn’t it Anamaria? hehe Thanks for sharing your experience and feedback. Much appreciated. blessings, amie sue

  37. AK says:

    Hi! I followed your directions and my jar has been in the fridge for a few weeks now. I just took a peek at it for the first time in awhile and noticed there is a layer of something floating below the garlic, just along the perimeter of the jar. Almost like a ring if disingrated garlic? I opened it and it doesn’t smell like it’s gone bad but I was wondering if it’s still safe to eat. My fridge is also really really cold, so I don’t know if that could have caused that to happen? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!

    • amie-sue says:

      Good evening AK,

      I can’t really tell you whether or not it is ok or safe to consume based on what you said. Without seeing and smelling it, it’s hard to know what you are witnessing. Could it be honey crystal since your fridge is so cold? I wish I could give you a solid answer but I am sure you can understand how difficult that would be for me. amie sue

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  39. kirti says:

    i am a thalassemia minor patient and I have been suffering from the problem of psoriasis for some years due to which I have a cold and cough. It is difficult to breathe in cough. can you please suggest me is honey and garlic give me benefits?

    • amie-sue says:

      Good day Kirti,

      I can’t really say for sure… since you have a medical condition, I suggest that you talk to your physician first. I wish you the best! amie sue

  40. Rahyan Carlos says:

    Hi I’m Rahyan and i learned this from my Fijian Friend before whenever i got fever and chills due to cough and colds. She made me do: 3 cloves of garlic (crushed), 5 spoonful of honey and 1 glass of water, and 2 squeezed lemon. Boil it for 5 minutes. And i got cured of cough, colds and fever. Now that i’m married and have kids i still do that. It will help stop the coughing and throat itchiness.

    thank you for your study and research!

  41. Maria says:

    This preparation is also very helpful in reducing asthmatic symptoms. I’ve prepared it for my nephew and it’s quite effective. Thanks for your help.

  42. Marion Stewart-Moss says:

    Been suffering with cough, so I crushed a whole garlic & mixed with honey. First spoon was very spicy & second spoon was more spicy. followed with few sips of lukewarm green tea. should I refrigerate the rest, or canI just leave overnight on nightstand?

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  44. Maureen says:

    Is there a concern with garlic consumption and Hashimotos?

    • amie-sue says:

      Good evening Maureen,

      From everything I have read, garlic is good for thyroid health. If you have any hesitation, talk to your wellness practitioner but when I did more Googling, everything came up positive. blessings, amie sue

  45. Fanny jossie millan says:

    Wonderful recipes thank you so much

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  48. Twinkle Faringer says:

    Hi I tried your recipe and I loved it, but I noticed that there was some fermenting going on, is that normal ? I filled my canning jars with garlic cloves then poured the honey in. I put on canning jar lids and the next day I noticed a pooling of honey around the bottom of the jars . I wiped it up and changed the lids to the plastic canning jar lids and it still seeped out. Should I have filled the jars only half full ? Or used a fermentation lid ? And are they safe out on the counter until I open them or should they be put in the frig right away. Any advice would be appreciated .
    Thanks, love your ideas .

    • amie-sue says:

      Good day Twinkle,

      Fermenting can be normal, especially when left on the counter. Many people actually FERMENT this combination by leaving it in a dark, cool space for 1 month or longer. I don’t do that. I simply mix the two, put on a tight lid, and place it in the fridge.

      If you wish to ferment it, please Google more about the process but in general when it ferments the honey will start to foam and become runnier as it begins to ferment. Fermented garlic honey will take about a month before it is ready to eat and can be left up to twelve months in a cool, dark cupboard. It sounds like yours started that process and is the reason it started pooling around the jar (shouldn’t with a tight lid on). If you do plan on fermenting it, you’ll want to leave a couple of inches of head space to give the honey room to expand during fermentation. Every day or two open the jar to let any built-up CO2 escape. Replace the lid and rotate the jar to re-coat your garlic cloves. It is totally normal that they float to the top.

      I hope this sheds a bit of light on the topic. blessings, amie sue

  49. Lesley says:

    Two days ago I experienced the threat of a cold coming on with coughing, blocked nose and headache looming on the horizon. So the old trusty garlic, lemon and manuka honey tea came to the rescue. Three times a day for two days and now all is well and back to work in the morning. Simple.

  50. […] soothes sore, itchy throats, making it an ideal homemade cough remedy. You can make immune-boosting honey-infused garlic by immersing raw garlic cloves in a jar of honey and letting it sit overnight (but keep in […]

    • Jesusita S. says:

      Does the Mason Jar have to be filled all the way to the top with a little space like canning? Or can it be a third of the way full and kept in the fridge at all times?

  51. Alyssa says:

    How long can this be stored in the fridge?

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