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Where Creations Come to Life… my pantry

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I continually receive requests to see pictures of my fridge and pantry. hehe  So, I thought I would take a moment to share some pictures of my pantry.  No square inch has been left untouched. haha  In my head, I refer to my pantry as an art studio.  It is filled with all-things-inspiring when it comes to creating and plating raw food dishes.  But before I can show you more about how my pantry is organized, we need to take a tour through time so you can see what it use to look like.


This is what it looked like when we first moved into the house.
For those of you who haven’t seen it in person, it is hard to get the full impact of everything
we went through.  In the photo below there were three small rooms that ran together.
Laundry room, shower room for cleaning off after working in the orchard, and a pantry.


We gutted it down to the bare bones.   There is Bob
playing in the shower.  So hard to get that man to do any real work. hehe Just kidding.


The inner dividing walls were removed except for the wall that houses the electrical panel.


Looks like me on a bad hair day


Aaah, inner walls contained, I am already feeling better…


Time to warm things up with a little paint…


Natural cork flooring… bad hair day under control… things are looking up.


We had been living part-time in Oregon and part-time in Arizona.  But this past
June, we closed up our house in Arizona and become full-time residents  where our
hearts have taken root… Hood River, Oregon.  In July, our household belongings
showed up from Tucson.  These boxes were just from the kitchen stuff from our other
home!  It took me three days to filter each box into the new pantry.  Sorting,
organizing and labeling.



So seven days,  5 long hot baths, 16 bruises on my legs (yep, counted them during my bath),
5 gallons of sun tea, six nights of sleeping like a lumber jack…LATER…. this is the end result…






There is a WHOLE LOTTA’ stuff going on in such a small space…talk about trying
to fit 10 lbs of “stuff” into a 5 lb bag.  I am already eyeballing the garage.  I  have
the window treatments selected in my head.;)  I mean, my 2 commercial fridges and 1
commercial freezer, already take up a good portion of real estate out there.
We better build a barn SOON!

32 thoughts on “Where Creations Come to Life… my pantry

  1. Jacqui Holguin says:

    Well, your kitchen is just inspirational. I love the wire shelving on serious industrial castors. Stainless steel looks magnificent.
    You and Bob certainly put in a lot of hard hours of labor.
    Thank you for sharing and do keep your wonderful recipes coming.


    • amie-sue says:

      Thanks Jacqui. I love having castors on everything but the sink and if I could have them on the sink, I would. hehe Sometimes I wheel a complete unit out to the kitchen…portable pantry. :P I hope you have an amazing weekend! Tomorrow, we are going to play and go to Portland’s largest indoor garage sale at the Expo center. Ought to be fun. amie sue

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    Hi Amie Sue, what a sensationnel transformation! Great to see your fantastic pantry where everything has its place! Jana told me already about your beautiful and stunning home… very best regards, Anne-Marie

    • amie-sue says:

      Thank you Anne-Marie. It was a job of labor and love… plus Bob and I have too much fun planning, designing and tearing things down. haha

  3. Laurie says:

    What a beautiful setup Amie Sue!!! THREE dehydrators!? It’s like walking into a Bed, Bath and Beyond store! lol

    I’m looking forward to the recipes that come out of that pantry. Btw, congratulations on the new business!

    • amie-sue says:

      Thank you Laurie. I need organization in life to be able to do all that I do. Without it I am lost. lol Bob and I decided last night that we will wheel the dehydrators all the around the house while they are running, which ever room needs some extra heat. hehe I have three more on order so I can keep up. :) Have a glorious weekend! amie sue

  4. maxine louis says:

    WOW Amie!!! Amazing job! Thank you SO much for sharing.

  5. Airianne says:

    Your pantry looks very nice and organized. You and Bob did a good job. Tell him now he’s the “one hit wonder” finishing the pantry nicely lol. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck in your new business.

    • amie-sue says:

      I told him Airianne. He smiled big. :) Thank you very much for your encouraging words. Have a blessed weekend, amie sue

  6. Kim says:

    Simply amazing!! I love it!!

  7. Cassie says:

    WOW…Awesome!! Thanks for sharing once again! Luv your ‘artistic’ creation description, truly a gift. How fun to live your dream. You know they say “do what you love and the money will come”

    • amie-sue says:

      Thank you Cassie. Finding your passion and letting it guide the way, makes for a happy life that is filled with dreams… ones that we may not even be aware of. :)

  8. Sandy says:

    It looks great, Amie! You made quite the transformation there. So proud of my cousin! :)

  9. Fran says:

    Oh my , I’m privalage
    This is an amazing tour,the kitchen is beautiful! thank you and your website is my no#1 favorite :) I have learned so much about raw cooking that I needed to know many blessings to you

    • amie-sue says:

      OH thank you Fran. You are a gem. I am so happy that I bring you inspiration in the kitchen. We all need it! Have a fun weekend in the kitchen. amie sue

  10. Denise Walden says:

    OMG….. Only in my dreams………. Beautiful art studio for a true artist……… Thanks for all you create for us…….

  11. marci allen says:

    Amazing….no wonder you can churn out your amazing recipes.Everything is right there.I looooved taking sneak peak.Jealousing right now :-)

    • amie-sue says:

      Organization keeps me focused on all the important things and digging for my pans or gadgets are not important. hehe I love organizing. I almost started a business on it years ago, or at least dreamt of doing it. :) Have a great weekend Marci! amie sue

  12. Annie says:

    Love your organization skill Amy, you are one so.ooooh gifted lady! Thanks for sharing your journey in building your kitchen workplace. Very inspiring!

  13. Lyn :] says:

    Wow Amie Sue, I love organization, you have got that so down pat!! Amazing!!!! Thank you for the tour, it was fun to see the transformation. You are very creative with a hammer and saw, Bob. What a great job you did for your wife!! :] , Lyn

  14. mary says:

    Wow, you’re so organised. Ok, I need you over here. Tell Bob not to worry about the swop, I think it’s better if you both come here, hehe :)
    Oh I have to tell you about the latest kitchen gadget my friend has. It’s called a thermomix and it’s amazing. It makes coconut butter in less than a minute, almond butter in 40 seconds! And not only are they fast but they are GOOD! Great for the raw foodist. It even weighs it before you make it. It’s next on my list. They are expensive though but an amazing piece of German ingenuity!

    • amie-sue says:

      Good morning Mary,

      lol I will be sure to tell Bob ;).

      I have seen the Thermoix for a few years now. It always intrigued me till I saw the price. If you get one, you will have to give me the low down on it. :) Have a wonderful day! amie sue

      • mary says:

        Yes, the price is ridiculous. They cost $2400 over here! They are amazing though. I go to my friend’s place and use hers sometimes. The speed they do the butters is amazing. Not only are they fast but they seem to taste so much better and the texture is perfect!

  15. Chandra says:

    Hi, just stumbled onto your website about couple of weeks ago. Love your website, and your recipes. Haven’t tried any yet, need to get all my supplies first. I love the fact that we can still enjoy desserts, just in the healthiest way possible. I was looking at your kitchen pictures and I was trying to figure out what the 3 big black boxes are on your shelves are. Could you let me know, they look like microwaves, but I didn’t think you would be using them. Thanks,

    • amie-sue says:

      Welcome Chandra. So nice to hear from you. :) Thank you for the sweet words and I am thrilled that you are enjoying my site. The three big boxes are Excalibur dehydrators. :) Do keep in touch and I hope you are encouraged and inspired to try a few recipes here. amie sue

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