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Spicy Fiesta Honey Corn Crostini

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raw vegan gluten free Spicy Fiesta Honey Corn CrostiniThis simple recipe mashup turned out to very light and fresh tasting.  I made it with the intention of serving it for dinner.  But after Bob took a taste test that one bite turned into a mid-morning snack, lunch, a late afternoon snack and dinner… ooh and a late night snack.  If you haven’t caught on, Bob is a grazer. hehe

To help aid with the digestion of corn and well, with any food that we eat… chew, chew, chew!  I have trained myself to chew so thoroughly that I even find myself chewing ice tea. Hehe  Did you know that your salivary glands can produce 1 to 2 liters of spit into our mouth every day!

I am not sure whether to be excited about learning that or grossed out. hehe. Saliva consists mainly of water, a mucous antibacterial broker, and digestive supportive enzymes.  We tend to think that digestion starts in the tummy, nope… it starts in the mouth.  Hold the train and lets back up just a whee bit… Even before you start chewing,  just the smell and sight of food begins the digestion process as your intestinal glands start releasing digestive chemicals.

It is recommended that we need to chew our food 35 times before we swallow.  I have tried this, and I will admit that it isn’t as easy as it sounds.  It gets boring. Hehe  But, by practicing this, it has at least made me more aware of how I chew my food.  Anyway,  I hope you give this recipe a try and don’t forget to chew. hehe


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Toppings: sliced cherry tomatoes and cilantro.

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