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Ice Cream Ingredients (Basic Components of Raw Ice Cream)

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Here’s the scoop… if you want to make raw vegan ice cream, you need to understand that certain ingredients are needed/required to help you create successful bowl-licking ice cream. Below, I will be listing out the most common ingredients that I use as the base for all my frozen creations.

Healthy Fats (the foundation)  


Types of fats:



Types of sweeteners:



Powdered Lecithin

Ice Crystals and Air

The last two things that I want to talk about are ice crystals and air. Even though they aren’t technically “ingredients,” both play an essential roll in the outcome of your ice cream. The more we understand a tiny bit of science in the art of making ice cream, the better off we are. I don’t know about you, but I want to make a bowl of ice cream that makes me lick the bowl clean!

Ice crystals


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