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#2 – Organizing Spices (storage ideas)

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Keeping your spices organized and fresh makes all the difference in how you function in the kitchen and the flavor of the food you prepare. So we don’t want to ignore this topic or task. Once you have tackled this, it will help you save time in the kitchen.


The art of organizing spices doesn’t have to be complicated. We need to put our thinking caps on to see what the best set up might be for you. I have been through the wringer when it comes to the placement of my spices. I already have a post where I share the system that I use and LOVE. Please click (here) to read it. I provided some additional ideas if the method I use won’t work for you.



Spicey Tips!

  • Store spices alphabetically for the ease of finding them.
  • Try to store tiered or in rows where you can read the name of the spices easily.
  • Keep the spices away from heat.
  • Make sure your spices are easy to get to when preparing food.
  • Toss old spices. They should be replaced or used within six months. If you open a spice jar and there isn’t any aroma, toss it.
  • Steer clear from “cutesy” spice organizers. Go for function!

Shallow Drawers

When it comes to organizing shallow drawers for your spices, look for a 3-tiered expandable spice rack. They come in many different lengths and widths so be sure to measure your drawer to make sure that the unit will fit. I recommend that you alphabetize them to help save time. Also, make sure to keep your spices away from heat sources.

Deep Drawers

Deep drawers are perfect for storing spices because you can use mason jars. Not only are they inexpensive but you can choose whichever size works best for you. I use 4 oz jars in my set up. But if you are a large consumer of spices, you can always use larger ones.

With this system, you will want to mount the spice labels on the lid so you can open the drawer and look down, hand-selecting the exact spice you want. Again, I suggest alphabetizing them to make it easier to find the ones you need.

To hold the jars in place when opening and closing the drawer, I purchased 18″ tension rods at my local department store. There is a link below for ordering them. I tried this system without the tension rods, and I found that they slid around quite a bit.

Pantry Door Organizer

Whether you have a long pantry door or just a short cabinet door, the inside of it can be a great place to store your spices. I have provided two different styles down below. If you are going to use the inside of a standard cabinet door to hold your spices, make sure that there is enough clearance when the door is shut.

Wall, Counter Tops, & Lazy Susans

If you don’t have the drawer space or pantry doors to utilize, you can always use the countertops or even wall space. I am going to aim for wall space because the less clutter we have on the counters, the better. The issues that I have run into with these types of organizers is that they never hold all my spices and I am left having to transfer spices and herbs from the store-bought bottles to the ones that came with the spice rack. I was often left with extra spices that couldn’t transfer over, and then I was stuck with those as well.

I am all for Lazy Susans in the kitchen, but I don’t find them ideal for spices. They typically don’t hold all of the spices, you have to create double rows (hiding spices from sight), and you end up spinning it around and around trying to find what you are looking for and by then you have forgotten what you needed.

Let’s Go Shopping

Shallow Drawers Organizers

Deep Drawers

Cabinet Organizers

Spice Labels (for drawer and door organizers)

Pantry Door Organizers

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