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#2 – Rules of Knife Safety

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This post is going to be filled with, “Do Not’s.” Please read through them even if you have been working in the kitchen for a long time. Be open to learning safety techniques not only for yourself but for the safety of others as well. The main “Do” I have when it comes to knives is… DO RESPECT A KNIFE. It can be your friend or foe. Let’s make every moment in the kitchen a positive one.

Over the years I found myself with a terrible habit. When objects would fall to the ground, I would jet my foot out to break its impact. With disregard to what it could do to my toes or foot as a whole, I unconsciously felt that softening the blow of the item falling was far more important than my foot. (insert – *smacks head*) I have done this even with a knife that fell off the counter. Thank goodness I didn’t injure myself. In the meantime, I am trying to break this habit. Let’s look at more practices that we might need to break.

High-quality knives can and should be enjoyed for a long time.

Here’s How to Achieve that…

Do Not Place in Dishwasher

Do Not Leave Knives in the Sink

Do Not Place Knife Close to Edge of Counter

Do Not Let Your Knives Roam Free

Do Not Scrape Food Up and Off of a Cutting Board

Do Not Reach for a Falling Knife

Do Not Have Deep Conversations While Using a Knife.

Do Not Walk with a Knife Pointing Upward

Do Not Hand a Person a Knife

Do Not Use a Knife for Anything other than Food Prep

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