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Strawberry Julius

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~ raw, gluten-free, nut-free ~

This homemade Strawberry Julius is full of fresh fruit flavor and goes down with such a velvety smoothness. It’s what those other cloying artificial drinks wanna’  be, and fall so short of…  Creamy, thick, pale pink, and bursting with nutritional yumminess.

Gastronomic Secret

I do have one gastronomic secret here… and it has to do with the “milk” base, which is made from…. wait for it….. tiger nuts!  They are gluten-free, organic, NUT & SEED FREE, allergen-free, dairy-free, high in fiber, low in calories & fats, non-GMO, all making it Paleo Perfect and Raw!

You don’t have to use tiger nut milk, but if you struggle with any allergens, this might be a wonderful alternative for you.  Outside of tiger nut milk, I recommend either almond or cashew milk.

You want to use a milk base that is neutral in flavor with a slight sweetness to it.  Oh good golly, I almost failed to share with you that Tiger nuts are tubers, actually a vegetable!  So drink your veggie milk and grow up big and strong. :)

If you’re not able to find fresh organic strawberries, check out the freezer aisle in the grocery store.  More and more I am finding great deals on organic frozen fruit.  In fact, if you use frozen it will add a nice frostiness to the drink.  I chose to use raw honey as the sweetener but if you are vegan, go ahead and use any other sweetener that is neutral in taste.


Yields 4 cups


  1. In the blender, combine the coconut meat, strawberries, milk, honey, and lemon juice.  Blend until ultra-creamy.
  2. Pour the luscious creamy liquid into chilled glasses and garnish with strawberries.


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Julius

  1. Katy says:

    Just an FYI: I’m allergic to tree nuts and this includes coconut for both me and my son. I know many don’t concider coconut a tree nut but many doctors do.

    • amie-sue says:

      I am sorry to hear that you are allergic to tree nuts Katy. Some people do have reactions to coconuts… we are all made so uniquely. At least you know such things for yourself so you can avoid side effects. Have a blessed day, amie sue

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