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Tropical Island Fruit Leather ~ Gourmet Edition ~

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Come with me and let’s take a trip to the Islands mate, were we will explore the mighty pineapple!

A pineapple is ripe if one of its top leaves can easily be pulled out. I have tried and tested this and it works.  Unripe pineapples not only taste unpleasant, but can actually be quite poisonous.  Eating it causes serious throat irritation and it has a strong laxative effect.  I found that interesting because there have been time were I felt a strong scratchiness in my throat and wondered if it was an allergic reaction.  It has never effected like a strong laxative though, but then nothing does. They say that if you want it to ripen the pineapple faster, you can stand it upside down (on the leafy end)!  To that I say, good luck balancing that puppy.  I am guessing one would need to wedge it between something to support it.  Good to know though.  :)

Did you know that you can grow a pineapple plant by twisting the crown off a store bought pineapple, allowing it to dry for 2-3 days, and then planting it?  I seriously need to try this some day.   But I don’t think I seriously want to be a pineapple farmer, I read that one pineapple plant produces only one pineapple every 2 years… holy smokes.  That would real stretch my patience thin.  One last interesting tid-bit that I learned was that a pineapple is not, strictly speaking, a fruit. Rather it is 100-200 fruitlets all fused together!
I just love learning all this stuff… specially while I am chomping away on this Tropical Island Fruit Leather.  Enjoy!

Ingredients: yields 4 1/2 cups puree


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