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Chai Pumpkin Spice Fudge with Maple Pumpkin Butter Frosting

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Raw Chai Pumpkin Spice Fudge with Maple Pumpkin Butter Frosting Recipe

~ raw, vegan, gluten-free ~

A Breath of Autumn

If someone were to ask me to describe what Autumn tastes like… I would have to share a bite of this Chai Pumpkin Spice Fudge with them. The deep rich chocolate flavor is enough to make the endorphins take flight, bringing you right in the land of contentment and joy.

The chai tea seasoning has its own “warming” effect on the mind, body, and spirit.  I used the contents from tea bags, which gave me the perfect blend of cardamom, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger.  Don’t you feel warm inside just reading that?

But let’s not forget the pumpkin frosting. The thought and taste of pumpkins alone will transport you back to the childhood days where you played endlessly in piles of racked up leaves.

If you don’t have any chai spiced tea on hand, you can make a close flavor profile right out of your spice drawer. You will want to combine one teaspoon of ground cardamom, one teaspoon ground allspice, one teaspoon ground cloves, two teaspoons ground cinnamon, and three teaspoons ground ginger in a jar. Close the lid and give a good shake. Start with one tablespoon worth and see if that is strong enough in flavor for you.

This recipe is a cross between a brownie and fudge.  It’s sticky; it’s gooey, it’s devilishly good.   These are very rich, so I recommend cutting them into smaller bite-size pieces to avoid any tummy aches from overindulging. I hope you enjoy this recipe, please comment below before leaving. Blessings, amie sue

Raw Gluten-Free Chai Pumpkin Spice Fudge with Maple Pumpkin Butter Frosting in PanIngredients:

yields 24 fudge bites

Dry Ingredients:

Wet Ingredients:



  1. Prepare an 8×8, straight-edged pan by lining it with plastic wrap.  This will help when it comes time to remove the fudge.  Set aside.
  2. Place cacao powder, flax, chia tea contents,  salt, and pumpkin spice, into the food processor and process until well mixed.
    • Don’t have pumpkin spice on hand?  No problem, you can make your own, here’s how: Ingredients: yields 8 teaspoons of Pumpkin Spice: 4 tsp ground cinnamon, 2 tsp ground ginger, 1 tsp Allspice, and 1 tsp nutmeg.  Mix ingredients in a bowl. Store in an airtight container.
  3. Add the dates, dried apricots, sweetener, oil, and vanilla.  Process until to turns to a thick, fudgy texture. This is going to be sticky. You have been pleasantly warned.
  4. Remove the dough and place in a large bowl.
    • Tip ~ The batter is thick and sticky.  Sometimes it helps to either wet your hands or rub a little coconut oil on them, so the batter does stick to your hands too much.  Then again, being able to lick your fingers clean is part of the reward for making such a delicious dessert!
  5. Press the dough into the pan, firmly and evenly.
  6. Spread the Maple Pumpkin Butter Frosting on top.
  7. Put the fudge in the freezer and let it sit for a least an hour or overnight.
  8. Slice into desired sized squares and EAT!
  9. IF you have any leftovers, I recommend storing them in the fridge or freezer.
  10. These freeze amazingly!  I recommend cutting them into squares before freezing.

 Raw Gluten-Free Chai Pumpkin Spice Fudge with Maple Pumpkin Butter Frosting on a Parchment Paper

Raw Chai Pumpkin Spice Fudge with Maple Pumpkin Butter Spread in a big bowl





20 thoughts on “Chai Pumpkin Spice Fudge with Maple Pumpkin Butter Frosting

  1. Do you think the caffeine in the tea would be prominent or even noticeable from eating the tea leaves?

    • amie-sue says:

      Hi Veggie,

      Well I think the caffeine could effect a person in either case. If you are sensitive to caffeine, look for a brand that is caffeine-free. Have a great evening, amie sue

  2. Robyn says:

    Ohhh yum,,,another one saved and making

  3. Suzana says:

    Looks yummy, Amie-Sue!
    We must do it this weekend…

    • amie-sue says:

      Yes Suzana…you MUST make this, this weekend. hehe And if you do, I would love to hear how it went for you. Have a happy day, amie sue

  4. sharon says:

    Hello Amie Sue I am looking at the ingredients do we suppose to put pumpkin in the maple pumpkin butter I love pumpkin and this looks tasty thank you for all you do I love your recipes . Sharon

    • amie-sue says:

      Morning Sharon…

      I hope that I am understanding your question right. Are you asking me if you use pumpkin puree in the “frosting”… the Maple Pumpkin Butter Spread? If that is what you are asking… yes, click on the link for the Maple Pumpkin Butter Spread and it will let you know how much to use. If you have further questions regarding this, don’t hesitate to ask. Have a great day, amie sue

  5. Chris says:

    Is there any way to make this without dates? Thanks!

  6. Rhonda says:

    hey amie sue, I made these the other day, in fact I’ve got one in my mouth..that’s what reminded me to post in here to let u know how much we’re enjoying them. they are sooooo rich and sweet, and just what my sweet tooth needed. have a happy Thanksgiving!

  7. gina says:

    I’d just like to say that not only are your recipes amazing & creative but the presentation makes me think of home & especially the Fall season (in NY whets I lived til I was 12. Been in FL too long). The colors & staging you do makes me feel all cozy with the warm fuzzies. Thank you for that.

    • amie-sue says:

      I am all about warm fuzzies Gina :) I am glad that I could invite you into my little world and create warm memories for you. Thank you for your sweet words. Have a blessed evening, amie sue

  8. Cindy says:

    Hello, just found this recipe. Infused Chai Pumpkin Spice Fudge Bars with Maple Pumpkin Butter Frosting. Can you use something other than the dried apricots?The dates are OK but I didn’t want to use so much dried fruit. Can they be left out?


    • amie-sue says:

      Good evening Cindy,

      They can be left out, they just add a depth of flavor. If you want you could always decrease the dates by the same measurement of apricots to keep them in…up to you. :) Have a great evening, amie sue

  9. maria says:

    what is ‘Allspice’? (sorry if it’s a stupid question :))
    thank you,

  10. Glorianne says:

    You never cease to amaze me Amie Sue. I have been on your site more than usual as I’m making a birthday dinner and dessert which of course involves many different steps and prep. I have always fallen in love with your presentation, your recipes and everything about your site and info. You are dedicated to your art all the way through. I am sooo looking forward to our dinner and dessert tomorrow night. YUM YUM!

    • amie-sue says:

      Good morning Glorianne,

      Thank you so much for the loving and supportive words. I feel so honored to be a part of your birthday dinner. Only wish that I were there to prepare it for you! Please keep me posted what the dinner menu turns out to be. So excited. :) Have a blessed and joyous birthday as well as each and every day moving forward! hugs and love to you! amie sue

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