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Italian Corn Porridge with Rice and Beans | Plates of Inspiration

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Today’s lunch consisted of Italian Corn Porridge, brown rice, kidney beans, and my Red Beet Dressing. I left the table with my tastebuds clapping with approval and a belly feeling light and content.

My lunch was free of gluten, nuts, seeds, GMO’s, fat, and sugar. I made sure to make every bite count by soaking the Italian corn, rice, and beans overnight to reduce phytic acid, which made for better digestion. This dish is also beneficial for diabetics and hyperglycemic individuals, as it has a low glycemic index. Just watch the Red Beet Dressing, as it is in the medium glycemic range.

I also made sure to cook each separate dish with kombu seaweed to ramp up the vitamins and minerals. Combined, it turned into a plate of nutritious goodness!

Now, I don’t want you thinking that I cooked all those foods in one day to make this one meal. I love to batch cook so I can use each dish in different ways throughout the week. This plate is just one example.

This meal isn’t just about the nutrients lurking within the edges of this plate.  Let me explain what makes this dish so tasty (for me).

Italian Corn Porridge (Polenta): Polenta is made with organic, non-GMO corn.  On its own, its flavor is miles away from that of its essential ingredient: corn. It retains only a whisper of the sweet, tangy, summer-fresh deliciousness of that wonderful vegetable. That is why you often see it alongside other flavorful dishes.

Long Grain Brown Rice: When cooked right, it has an almost nutty flavor and a medium-to-firm, chewy texture that complements the creaminess of the polenta.  There are many varieties of brown rice available, each with their unique flavor and aromatic components, so don’t be afraid to mix things up.

Kidney Beans: They are flavorful and have a slight sweetness and a meaty, or dense texture. I kind of have to giggle; this dish is like the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears. ” The polenta is too soft, the rice is too hard (chewy), and the kidney beans are just right.  Can you now see how they all enhance one another?

Red Beet Dressing: This is what pulls this dish together. Not only does it visually brighten the dish, but the flavor of it also brings in an earthy, sweet, acidic tang.  It’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Italian corn (polenta), brown rice, and kidney beans are perfect for building a pantry filled with dried, shelf-stable whole foods. Not only do they store well, but they are also nutritious and inexpensive. I hope this plate of food inspires you! Please leave a comment below. Be safe and healthy, amie sue

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