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Pain d’Epice Pecan Truffles

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~ raw, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free ~

Every country has its own way of celebrating the holidays with food. In the United States, we have our well-known gingerbread, and in France, they have pain d’epices or spice bread.

A beautiful blend of cinnamon, cardamom, clove, star anise, black pepper, and orange and lemon peel are used in the traditional “pain d’epices” and trust me; you are going to want to be making up a large batch of this particular spice blend.

This spice has the versatility of using it in recipes ranging from sweet to savory. I am already dreaming up a raw bread recipe with this spice mix. But for now, I am staying focused on creating a quick, easy and tasty recipe that we all can use to impress at those last minute dinner parties.

Everywhere I look right now, it seems that everyone is hands and elbows deep in holiday baking, truffle rolling, and cookie decorating. And this year, I am amongst that ambitious group.

Every year, I bake, un-bake, and make Christmas gifts for friends and family. My sunroom is often loaded with packaged containers all decorated and filled with scrumptious raw treats. I use the sunroom as my walk-in cooler since it is downright nippy in there during the winter months!

It’s a space where the temperature causes my toes to go white and my nose to run; it happily cradles my raw treats at an ambient temperature that keeps them fresh. Although, I have to giggle because my husband views it as his personal Raw Decadent Grazing Bakery. Where he sneaks a treat and leaves a void, I follow behind and fill it. Talk about teamwork! I hope you enjoy this mouth-watering treat. Please leave a comment below. Blessings, amie sue


Yields: 23 – 1 Tbsp (20 g) per ball

Dry Ingredients:

Wet Ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup raw pecans, ground for rolling
  • 25 whole pecans
  • 1 cup hardening chocolate


  1. Process the pecans, spice mix, and salt in a food processor, fitted with the “S” blade, until it turns into a fine crumble.
    • Option – Replace the pecans with walnuts, almonds, macadamias, cashews, or hazelnuts.  Be aware that each nut lends its own flavor. I prefer the pecan as it has a buttery richness to it.
  2. Add the dates and vanilla. Process until the batter sticks together when you pinch it.
    • Be careful that you don’t over process it and cause the natural oils from the pecans to be released. This will make for an oily treat.
    • I don’t recommend replacing the dates with a liquid sweetener. The dates are the “glue” that holds this treat together. You can, however, test out other dried fruits.
    • If the dried dates are tough and hard, rehydrate them in enough warm water to cover them for 15 minutes. Once done soaking, drain and hand squeeze the excess water from them.
  3. Using a 1 Tbsp cookie scoop, scoop out the dough, level it off, and roll the mixture into balls between the palms of your hands.
    • Roll the balls in the crushed pecans and place on a baking sheet.
  4. Prepare a mini muffin pan.
    • If you have a silicone one, that’s the best because they will pop right out once the chocolate sets.
    • If you don’t, use muffin liners so you can remove the treat with ease.
  5. Make the chocolate and while warm, place it in a piping bag or a small Zip-lock baggie, cutting off the bottom corner.
    • Pipe enough chocolate into the bottom of the muffin tin to cover it.
    • Take one of the dessert balls and press it into the chocolate. Place a dot of chocolate on top and press on a whole pecan.
    • Chill and serve.
  6. These will keep for one week on the counter, one-two weeks in the fridge, three months in the freezer.
    • Be sure to keep them in an air-tight container regardless of where you store them.


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