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Pain d’Epice Spice Mix

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Ohomemade Pain d’Epice Spice Mix in tiny mason jarsk, first off… how the heck do you pronounce the name of this spice? I coughed, sneezed, and muffled my words into my arm every time someone asked what “that” spice was that I was using.

But then I thought, “Shoot, if I am going to make food and serve it, I best know how to at least pronounce all the ingredients.” hehe So, I looked it up… pa~ day/peess. If you still can’t get a grasp on the word (like me), click (here) to hear a verbal pronunciation. It doesn’t sound anything like my version “pain-dee-spice.” lol

It’s French, a version of our gingerbread spice. But in reality, I think I like this better and trust me I am a gingerbread groupie. And so far, from my experience, everyone who bites into a recipe where I have used this spice… looks at me in wonderment wanting to know what the heck those flavors are that are dancing on their tongue. Why it is pain-dee-spice! Cough cough, sniffle, sneeze. haha

This is a wonderful spice to incorporate into your fall and winter months. Why? Because they are naturally warming spices that will bring heat to the belly. Not as in spicy hot heat instead, they have a therapeutic warming effect that will warm your digestion.

I will recommend that you double, triple, or even octuple the recipe because you will be dreaming up many other ways to use it. Be sure to label and date your storage container and keep it out of light for freshness sake. Blessings, amie sue


Yields: 7 tsps


  1. Mix together in a small jar and store with the lid on for up to six months.
  2. Shake each time before using to make sure the spices stay well-mixed.

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