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Ice Cream Cone Drumstick Sundae

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raw vegan Ice Cream Cone Drumstick Sundae

~ raw, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free ~

Creamy banana ice cream dipped in a rich, extra-thick chocolatey coating topped with peanuts all in a firm but chewy “sugar ice cream cone.”

This is an Ice Cream Cone Sundae that you can enjoy any day of the week!   This is the first of many new creations that I have in store for you.  This dessert is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, lactose-free, grain-free, sugar-free, dye-free, artificial flavor-free, processed-free, have I missed any others?  If you are a raw foodist, you can eat it.  If you are vegan, you can eat it.  If you are a vegetarian, you can eat it.  If you love Ding Dongs, you can eat them… If you are a foodie and love ice cream desserts… you can eat them!!  Shew, I think I got myself covered here.


Throughout my growing, up years I remember going to the grocery store with my mom.  I really don’t recall if I was one of those kids who constantly asked for everything in sight (mom, you can chime in about that) but I do remember drooling over the ice cream cone cooler that used to be near the check-out lanes.

You know, the ones that look like a chest freezer with glass sliding windows on top?   I would lean over it, laying half my body on the top of it, cupping my hands around my eyes and peering into the deep cooler, spying the drumsticks.  Oh yum.  I didn’t have them often, but it wasn’t due to a lack of begging. (no need to comment on this part mom).

I looked up the ingredient list in one of the Nestle Drumstick cones… scary…

as you eat down the raw vegan Ice Cream Cone Drumstick Sundae you will find a surprise in the bottom of the cone

Milk Fat, Milk Non-Fat, Chocolate Coating (Sugar, Coconut Oil, Soybean(s) Oil Partially Hydrogenated, Cocoa Powder Natural, Milk Non-Fat Dry, Whey, Milk Powder Whole, Cocoa Processed With Alkali, Soybean(s) Oil, Flavor(s) Artificial, Chocolate, Palm Oil Hydrogenated, Soy Lecithin), Cone (Wheat Flour Bleached, Sugar, Soybean(s) Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Soy Lecithin, Salt), Sugar, Corn Syrup, Whey, Stabilizer (Mono and Diglycerides, Guar Gum, Calcium Sulphate (Sulfate), Cellulose Gum, Carrageenan), Flavor(s) Natural, Annatto Color, Flavor(s) Artificial

Now let’s look at a healthier version… the Nouveau Raw Ice Cream Sundae Drumstick Cone…

Flax seeds, water, banana, cold-pressed olive oil, maple syrup, cinnamon, salt, raw coconut crystals, raw cacao, peanuts (optional), mesquite powder

You decide…Nestle?  Nouveau Raw? Nestle?  Nouveau Raw? Nestle?  Nouveau Raw?…. if you selected the Nouveau Raw version, congratulations you’re a winner.  Here is the recipe. :)  Enjoy!



Yields 9 / 6″ cones


Banana Ice Cream:

Chocolate Topping:



  1. In a food processor, fitted with the “S” blade, combine the ground flax, water, banana, olive oil, maple syrup, cinnamon, and salt. Blend until very smooth.
  2. Spread out in a 6″ circle shape on a  lightly oiled dehydrator sheet.
    • You will need to work semi-quickly because the flax meal with really get thick on you if you wait too long.
    • After the circles are spread out,  lightly sprinkle the raw coconut crystals on top.
  3. Dehydrate for 1 hour at 145 degrees (F), then reduce the temperature to 115 degrees (F) and continue drying for about 6-8 hours or until you can flip and peel from the liner.  Continue to dry until they are no longer sticky.
  4. Wrap into a cone shape around a mold.  Dehydrate for another few hours or overnight.

Ice cream:

  1. Chop the frozen bananas into 1″ discs and place in a high-speed powered blender.
  2. Add either water or nut milk to help get it going.  Blend until creamy.
  3. Place the banana ice cream into a large Zip-lock baggie, squeeze the excess air out and close.  Snip the bottom corner.  You know have a piping bag.
  4. Place a raisin or fresh berry into the bottom of the cone; this will prevent the banana ice cream from oozing out.
  5. Pipe the ice cream into the cone, all the way to the top.
  6. Place each cone into a vessel that will hold it upright and put them in the freezer until the ice cream is frozen.

Chocolate Topping:

  1. In a double boiler gently melt the cacao butter until it is completely in liquid form.
    • Be very careful that you don’t overheat the pan.  As soon as the cacao starts to melt,  turned the burner off.
    • You can also use the dehydrator to melt the butter.  Place the grated cacao in a glass or stainless bowl and place in the dehydrator at 145 degrees (F) for about 15 minutes, make sure you stir it often and keep an eye on it.
  2. Once the cacao is melted completely, whisk the powders and maple syrup into the cacao butter until thoroughly combined.
  3. Take the pan off of the double boiler and set on a towel so it can start to cool.
  4. Remove the ice cream cones from the freezer and dip each cone into the chocolate, gently tap off the excess chocolate.
  5. Now quickly roll the chocolate covered part of the cone into the crushed peanuts.  Place the cone back into the upright vessel and return to the freezer until frozen.
I sprinkled some raw coconut crystals on top of the wet batter, giving it that brown sugar cone hit.

I sprinkled some raw coconut crystals on top of the wet batter, giving it that brown sugar cone hit.

setting up the cones so I can pour banana ice cream into them.

I had put the ice cream cones in the freezer in a Zip-lock bag for a few days, but only because I didn’t have time to deal with them once they came out of the dehydrator.  They froze perfectly, good to know.

Here are the pureed frozen bananas in a Zip-lock bag ready to pipe into the cones.  Worked great.

Here are the pureed frozen bananas in a Zip-lock bag ready to pipe into the cones.  Worked great.

Can you see the raspberry in the bottom of the cone?  I did this to prevent the ice cream from leaking out of the bottom.  You could use dried fruit as well.

Can you see the raspberry in the bottom of the cone?  I did this to prevent the ice cream from leaking out of the bottom.  You could use dried fruit as well.

piping banana ice cream into gluten free cones

They are ready to eat as is, but I put mine in the freezer at this point so they would harden for the next step.

Dipped the frozen ice cream cone in chocolate...

Dipped the ice cream cone in chocolate…

I made sure to get a chocolaty coating on the edge of the cone as well...

I made sure to get a chocolaty coating on the edge of the cone as well…

Next, I dipped it in a bowl of chopped nuts making sure to cover all the areas that I got chocolate on.  You can use any nut, shredded coconut, hemp seeds, you name it, for this step.

Next, I dipped it in a bowl of chopped nuts making sure to cover all the areas that I got chocolate on.  You can use any nut, shredded coconut, hemp seeds, you name it, for this step.

End result!  Sorry that the photo is a bit blurry.  I am a lefty, trying to operate my iPhone camera with my right hand... its challenging! haha

End result!  Sorry that the photo is a bit blurry.  I am a lefty, trying to operate my iPhone camera with my right hand… its challenging! haha

35 thoughts on “Ice Cream Cone Drumstick Sundae

  1. Christine says:

    Wow! Amazing! YOU are amazing!

  2. Annet Vanb says:

    Thank you sooo much for all your delicious recipes. I really LOVE your site <3
    This is certainly another winner! Thumbs up for you :-)

  3. agnes baur says:

    wow, dear amy sue! this looks so so delicious! i send a huge compliment overseas!

  4. Bridget says:

    Wow this looks incredible! I could devour one of these right now…Wonderful job :)

    • amie-sue says:

      Thank you Bridget, Agnes, Annet and Christine! :) I appreciate and loved waking up to such kind words. I hope you all try the recipe. They were so good, I speak in past tense because they didn’t last very long and are all gone. hehe My husband requested MORE! Always a good sign, always. Blessings to you all, amie sue (P.S. if you have any favorite flavor combos that want me to try, I am up for a challenge. :)

    • amie-sue says:

      Trust me Bridget, you could devour more than one in a sitting. hehe I hope you try it! Blessings, amie sue

  5. Lisa says:

    Lord God – I wish I could hug you. You are amazing!
    God bless you and give you more amazing recipes.

  6. Natalyn :) says:

    Oh my gosh Amie! This looks amazing, I’m drooling right now. That’s it! I’m buying a dehydrator! Hahaha ^_^

    I have only tried your chipotle cheese kale chips recipe but I am SO ready to try more! You have an amazing talent. :)

  7. Jana says:

    Ohhhh they are looking fab! Mhhhh! Sadly I don’t have time to make them… Leaving for New York tomorrow morning. ;) And since today is saturday, that means: two more weeks till we meet each other! Yay! So excited. I wish you a nice weekend and tell hubby to eat one for me too. :D
    Much love, Jana

    • amie-sue says:

      Oh how exciting Jana!! Safe travels and I look forward to meeting you! And trust me, Bob ate his fair share for both you and me. hehe Have a wonderful trip! hugs

  8. Shawna says:

    Oh my goodness, my girls are going to love me! :-)

  9. Heather says:

    Omgosh these look amazing what a great idea!,

  10. Melissa says:

    Just wanted to let let you know how much I loved this recipe!!! I have 5 children that I am turning into raw children and this was a great idea for those hot summer days…. I have a very picky son and he has been eating all the recipes I’ve made from your website. I am so glad I found you and thank you……….

    • amie-sue says:

      That my dear Melissa, is music to my ears!! I am so thankful that you found me too. Give the kiddos a “high five” for me. :) amie sue

  11. Mary says:

    Hi Amie-Sue,

    I’m so in awe of your site and finally started ordering some toys to play with. Just got my cone molds and now have some fresh peaches ready in freezer to make banana/peach ice cream. I’d love a little sweetener advice. I’m not using agave and don’t have coconut crystals. What would you substitute for the sweeteners?

    I have coconut nectar, lucuma, mesquite powder and yacon…and both powdered and liquid stevia.

    Thank you so much, as always,


    • amie-sue says:

      Hello Mary… so happy that you jumped on board to start playing in the kitchen. It is quite rewarding and not to mention… a lot of fun. :) You can easily use the Yacon syrup and then just skip the coconut crystals if you wish. :) I hope you enjoy them and keep me posted how it goes. Blessings, amie sue

    • Mary says:

      Amie-Sue, I think I messed up :). I didn’t notice your note about lightly oiling the teflex sheets and I didn’t do it. Any chance they will still come off in one piece? Otherwise, I’ll make more and put them in with these. Also, I used a 1/4 cup measure to make them. Do you know if that’s about what you did?

      Thanks much,

      • amie-sue says:

        I hope they will Mary. IF they do stick, stop trying to peel them off and pop them in the freezer. It should harden them, helping them to come off much easier. A 1/4 cup should be just fine and dandy. You can always make them smaller or larger. I once made little tiny ones, oooh they were so darn cute! Keep me posted how it turns out. Have a great day, amie sue

  12. Mary says:

    Thank you Amie-Sue.

    On a more technical note, when I ask you a question, I’m clicking the box to subscribe to notifications for new posts and thinking that means for this specific recipe. That would be sol helpful, so I don’t have to remember which recipe I’ve asked a question about. I haven’t received follow up notes on specific recipes, but I am getting multiple subscription emails to the site. Maybe that’s what that box is for. Please clarify.

    Thanks again.


    • amie-sue says:

      Mary…. this was a wonderful question and SO glad that you asked it. I think (think!) you solved the reason some people are getting multiply subscription emails! No one has complained of not hearing back from me, or as you put it so I never connected the two. Bob and I looked through it and think we may have fixed the situation. Let me know as you try it out. Thank you! Now when you click on the button below the comment section you should receive emails when further responses are left for that recipe. amie sue

  13. Mary says:

    Let’s test that out right now. I’m clicking the box. Thank you. I’ll let you know if I receive an email with further comments on this conversation.

  14. Mary says:

    Yay!!! Mary got the msg. ….and I was able to click on the link from the email to get back here….so great! Thank you. This is going to be a big help!!

    • amie-sue says:

      Well hallelujah! I had no idea that the button wasn’t performing as it should so I am so glad that you said something. :) Have a happy day Mary. amie sue

  15. Mary says:

    Good morning Amie-Sue! More questions for the goddess chef….

    Have you ever melted cacao butter without a double boiler? Any ideas? I don’t have a stainless bowl either. Thank you.

    • amie-sue says:

      Good morning Mary… you can melt cacao butter in the dehydrator, which has become my favorite way. If you don’t have a stainless bowl, you can use glass. Just put the cacao butter in the bowl and slide it into the dehydrator. Set the temp at 115 degrees or you can even use 145 degrees just to get it warmed up. It won’t get the butter to that temp, as long as you don’t forget about it. :) It should take maybe 15 minutes to melt. Every few minutes check it and give it a stir. The warmth of the bowl and the already melted liquid will help the rest melt quicker.

      I hope that helps. Have a great day, amie sue

      • Mary says:

        You are a godsend….seriously, an angel here on earth. It’s so clear that you are in alignment with your highest joy. Anyway…thank you! I had thought of that, but figured it would take hours. Well…maybe you’re talking about grated cacao butter. I have wafers. Maybe I need to chop them up a bit to make it go quicker! I’m so excited to complete this recipe. The cones turned out gorgeously btw. In all my years doing raw, it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. Much more utilitarian in the past. Delicious, but not generally so playful or detailed.

        • amie-sue says:

          Ah yes, Mary… I grate my cacao butter so it melts quicker and more evenly. I updated the recipe to reflect all of this. :) I am so happy to hear that you are finding new inspiration in the kitchen. It makes things more fun, doesn’t it. And thank you Mary for your precious words. You made my day today! I can’t wait to hear the end result of your loved filled labor in making these. Many blessings, amie sue

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