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Daikon Radish Noodles

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~ raw, vegan, gluten-free, alkaline ~

These noodles are fresh, crisp, and belong to the cruciferous vegetable family! Daikon is an unusual type of white, winter radish that can typically be found year-round in the grocery store. Unlike the red radishes that roll off the counter and onto the floor, these radishes are long. Think carrot, but with a larger circumference.

Flavor-wise, it’s a flavor that can’t be likened to anything… it is reminiscent of a finer, less fiery radish. Slightly sweet, crisp, and mild, I think that explains it well. If you haven’t ever tried one before, hop to it. I love them.

Natural Diuretic

Daikon has long been known as a diuretic by nature, which means you might find yourself in the bathroom a bit more if you eat a lot of these. This helps to keep the kidneys clean and functioning at a high level by stimulating the elimination of excess toxins, fats, and even water through urination.

Radish’s for Liver Health

Your body’s primary cleansing system, the liver, constantly burns fats and keeps your blood purified, plus it does over 500 other tasks in the body! This vital organ produces bile for healthy digestion. It disposes of toxins from processed foods, medicines, alcoholic beverages, and environmental pollutants, so needless to say, it’s important to love your liver!

“The sulfur-based chemicals in radishes help increase the flow of bile, assisting the liver, and improving digestion. Radishes contain diastase, an enzyme that aids the digestion of starches. A Japanese folk remedy uses daikon radish and carrot juice to reduce hardened fat deposits, Mars says.” (1)

Here’s another food for thought… did you know that in Chinese Medicine, it is believed that each emotion that we feel coordinates with an organ in our body. They say that anger can greatly affect the health of your liver. So perhaps it would be a good idea to sit back and ponder upon that. Do you have pent up anger in your life? If so, now is the time to work through it, so it doesn’t sit stagnant in the liver. Food for thought. :)



  1. Be sure to pick fresh and firm daikon radishes, which will ensure that you get the best tasting noodles possible.  If the radishes are rubbery, it won’t work on the spiralizer.
  2. Wash and peel the radishes.
  3. Place the unit on the countertop and press down on the spiralizer to engage the suction cups and secure.
  4. Insert the blade cartridge you’d like to use, make sure that it clicks into place.
  5. Cut flat ends on each end of the radish.
  6. Place the center of the radish onto the cylinder part of the blade and press the teeth of the handle into the other side of it.
  7. Take hold of the handle on the bottom (the horizontal one) with one hand and then spin the handle with the teeth to spiralize. Press steady with forwarding pressure, using the handle that you’re gripping, for best results.
  8. Before dressing up the noodles, take scissors when you’re done spiralizing and cut the noodles into manageable sized pieces.  Just grab a bunch of noodles and roughly snip.  Or enjoy that never-ending noodle!
  9. You can make noodles in advance, they should keep for 5-7 days in the fridge, without sauce.

To clean the spiralizer:

  1. Purchase an inexpensive handled brush for cleaning the blade parts and hard to reach parts on the unit.  This will save your fingers and prevent nicks from happening on the blades, keeping them nice and sharp.
  2. Be sure to quickly rinse the unit after creating noodles.  The juices from certain root veggies can stain the unit.
  3. Dry the blades well before putting them away.

Tools used to create noodles:

GEFU Spiralfix Spiral Slicer

  1. Can be used in the left or right hand.
  2. 4 different widths of cut for creative recipes: Spiral cut across the entire width of the material, 3 mm, 6 mm, or 12 mm wide adjustable via adjusting wheel
  3. Folding lid for easy filling
  4. Detachable non-slip holding container for safe standing
  5. Material: stainless steel, ABS plastic, SAN
  6. Splash-guard lid with drive unit detachable for easy cleaning. Dishwasher-safe

Spiralizer 7-Blade Vegetable Slicer

  1. This slicer comes with 7 different blades which give you 7 completely different textures and shapes.
  2. Comes with 420 high carbon cutlery grade stainless steel blades and stronger making it possible to Spiralize harder root vegetables like sweet potatoes and turnips that previously broke Spiralizer handles

Potato Peeler

  1. Wash and peel the outer skin off of the veggie.
  2. Hold the veggie at one end and in a long stroke motion, run the peeler from top to bottom.
  3. Rotate the veggie in a circular motion and continue peeling until you reach the seeded core (if there is one).  Stop once you reach this.  Don’t throw it away, use it in a smoothie or salad.

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