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Pesto and Cheese Stack on a Caraway and Fennel Onion Cracker

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raw vegan Pesto and Cheese Stack on a Caraway and Fennel Onion Cracker

This recipe mashup is perfect to serve as a hors d’oeuvre.   It can be served to your family and guests in between the time of their arrival to the moment they sit down at the table.   It can be even enjoyed at the dinner table as a part of the meal.   Or perhaps  the main focus of the meal.

I am really starting to have fun with layering flavor profiles.  I love the simplicity, but I am digging this layering stuff.   A well-layered flavor profile (built on three ingredients or 30) won’t fade after the first impact; it’s going to last, and change.

With the first few bites, your taste buds will be able to identify each layer, but soon as the flavor notes start to meld together, coating your mouth… a new sensation of flavor will start to develop.  One that makes you sink in your chair, eyes rolling into the back of your head and unconsciously, a moan might even escape from your lips.

But I am not just talking about flavor here; I am also bringing together different textures.  My hope is to create new and exciting experiences for my.. for your… taste buds.  For anyone to claim that raw is boring, well it just isn’t so!  And if need be, send them my way. :)

The process of layering is as much about trust as technique. And I hope that I gain your trust after trying this recipe mashup.

Recipe mashup:



  1. Build the stack as shown in the photo or get creative with your own designs.  No matter how you “stack” it, you will enjoy it!

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