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#3 – Eating Out with Grace and Ease

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Eating out, whether it be at a friend’s house, a picnic, a potluck, or at a restaurant, can be very overwhelming when you are trying to eat healthily. Do you ever find yourself staring at a menu surrounded by friends and family who are all excitedly selecting foods left and right, thrilled with all their options? And yet, there you sit, staring so hard at the menu that the words and photos slip off the pages.

You start to feel sorry for yourself, thinking that there isn’t anything for you to enjoy, let alone eat. The aromas that are wafting through the restaurant are making your stomach growl, the clinking and clattering of dishes almost anger you, your smile disappears as plates of food get passed around. And there you sit, thinking all there is for you is a plate of non-organic iceberg lettuce.


Eating out can cause anxiety to well up inside of you. I can’t tell you how many times over the last decade that I have walked up to dinner tables and a numbness flooded over me. These days, I don’t give it any thought. I am well “seasoned.” And to be frank, we will continuously be presented with all sorts of food scenarios in our everyday lives; there is no escaping it. If you sit down to the table all stressed out, it is my opinion that the stress is more damaging to the body than eating a meal that has some cooked veggies or some other food that typically doesn’t make it on your list of approved foods. UNLESS you have a downright food allergy… then you indeed have to be careful.

Don’t worry! The longer you lead a healthy eating lifestyle, the easier these things become.

How to Handle Yourself with Grace and Ease

View the Menu Online Ahead of Time


Viewing the Menu at a Restaurant

When I look at a menu, I search for all the veggies. Then I ask the waiter if they can make a special salad from what I found. For example, broccoli, tomato, carrot, spinach, beetroot, and sun-dried tomato. I explain that I am happy to pay more for an entree-sized portion. I specify nothing processed, just fresh raw or steamed vegetables. I may ask for some fresh chopped garlic and olive oil and vinegar on the side. I tell them no salad dressing or soy sauce. When the food arrives, I add salt and pepper, and voila! Most of the time I get something very nice. And, many times, people with me wish they had ordered it too!



Talking to the Waiter/Waitress

No Matter What the Eating Occasion …

Keep in mind that most of the time when we meet up with people at a restaurant, we are doing so to connect with them. The idea is to enjoy their company and get to know one another. To share stories, laugh, and treasure each other. It shouldn’t be all about the food, though that can be fun too. The bottom line is that YOU have the power to control the outcome. You can decide whether to sit in self-pity that you eat a healthy diet, or you can rejoice in your choices, and create a wonderful memory with your friends and family. Can I repeat that?… Enjoy your time together, and make the most of the present moment. It’s the only one you’ve got.



House Parties / Weddings / Holidays / Picnics

So the next time someone invites you out to eat, do a little research about where you are going or what food is being prepared for the event. Don’t grill the host (they probably won’t taste that good), and it’s just unkind. If you know the hostess well, you can always share with them what your eating restrictions are. I don’t mean to refer to eating “raw” as having a food restriction (though in reality, it is, it just seems negative to put it that way). I am referring to other restrictions that people have such as; gluten intolerances, those on specialty diets for current health issues, etc.

If you are stressing (even after all that I have shared) about what food will or won’t be at an event, ask the hostess if you can bring a dish to share. An excellent way to state it is, “Amie Sue, I have an amazing “…..” dish that I love to make and share. Would you mind if I brought it for the guests?” You will have something yummy to eat, and you can focus on enjoying your time with others.

Eat Mindfully

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