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Instant Gratification Ice Cream (food processor/blender)

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In a hurry? Short on patience? Need a quick dessert? Or perhaps you want to enjoy the taste of the “simple life.” If any or all of the above applies to you, then you came to the right place! Don’t discredit the simplicity of this method if you are a seasoned raw gourmet chef. Having options to fit the day to day demands is what it is all about.

raw vega

This SIMPLE method can be elevated to gourmet just by adding some yummy chunky, funky ingredients. Whenever you make raw granola, cookies, cereal, or bars, save some batter off to the side and freeze it. When the time comes to make ice cream, pull it out and pinch off delicious nuggets and drop them into the ice cream. It will elevate the flavor and mouth texture experience. To make it even more sophisticated, drizzle some homemade raw chocolate or caramel sauce over the top or fold it into the mixture to make every bite sing with glee.

Equipment Needed

I find that a food processor works the best. There is more surface for the ingredients to move around in, which leads to quicker blend times, and a colder dessert. A HIGH-POWDERED blender works if you don’t have a food processor, but it will take a tamper to keep pushing the ingredients down into the blades. If you don’t own a tamper, you will have to stop the machine often to scrape the side down, making sure to get all the ingredients down into the blades.

Banana Ice Cream

Banana ice cream is super simple to make. It can be enjoyed with ONE ingredient (bananas), or you can get as creative as you wish and add a whole host of ingredients to tailor it to your cravings.

Ripe Bananas Needed

Frozen Bananas Required

Whipping Action Demanded!


Enjoyment – Your Reward!

Frozen Fruit Ice Cream

Frozen fruit when blended turns into creamy sorbet-like ice cream. I won’t go into detail on how to make it, because you will use the same techniques that you just learned about when making banana ice cream.  But I will share some quick tips that pertain to other fruits.

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