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Nourishing and Quick Dessert Ideas

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Raw, vegan, gluten-free desserts, they are darn near unbeatable! They are rich, decadent, and satisfying (isn’t that the definition of dessert?!)  Lucky, through the power of whole foods, we can also tack on the description of nutritious! If you are new to raw, the concept may sound limiting, tedious, or even overwhelming. It is none of these, and I am here to help dispel that notion.

raw vegan dessert

Indulge Without All The Guilt

Yes, you can indeed enjoy raw desserts without guilt, BUT that doesn’t mean that they are intended to be a punctuation to every meal you eat. The main thing that you must not lose sight of is that dessert is just that, a dessert. Just because they are raw, gluten-free, vegan, processed sugar-free, soy-free (free of whatever you need it to be), they still need to be revered and enjoyed as a treat.

Key Points Regarding Raw Desserts

How to Make Dessert MORE Healthy

Single Serving Desserts

Creating single-serving desserts is, by far, my favorite way to make and serve raw desserts. It is a lesson I learned throughout the years. As I mentioned just a moment ago, raw desserts tend to be very rich in flavor, which is due to the dense nutrient-rich ingredients that we use.  When I first started creating raw cheesecakes, I would make large 9″ cakes for our friend and family gatherings. And why not, decorating a whole cake is like giving Leonardo da Vinci a blank canvas.

BUT what I quickly noticed was that our Standard American Diet eaters would slice off a large piece of cake. You see, when you eat a poor highly-processed diet, you tend to eat more because the food in front of you is void of nutrients. Therefore your body keeps craving more because your dietary needs are not being met.

The fact that raw desserts are made with nutrient-dense ingredients our bodies “fuel gauge” registers “SATISFIED” much more quickly; this is my experience anyway. So what I noticed happening is that our guests would naturally take larger-than-needed pieces, enjoy bite after bite, but then find themselves unable to finish the dessert sitting before them. Unfortunately, it leads to waste and often overly stuffed bellies. So how do we get around this?

Present single-serving portions by:

  1. Pre-slicing cakes and pies.
  2. Make them in single-serving cups/dishes. I enjoy using 4-ounce Mason jars, the portion size is perfect, plus it comes with a lid to help keep it fresh.
  3. If serving multiple desserts and you wish for your guests to try them all, create tiny servings in perhaps 1-ounce cups or cupcake liners.
  4. *If people balk at the smaller-than-normal servings (I experience that every once in a while) assure them that if they STILL want more after enjoying what is in front of them, they can help themselves to more. This way, the gut is running the show, not the eyes.


To me, this is the best way to make sweet treats! Yes, it is excellent to have desserts that you can make instantly (I will touch on that below). Still, when you have desserts that we premade and stored, you immediately become the “hostess with the mostess” as you serve a decadent plate of goodies in front of your spontaneous guests.

It also saves time when prepping for large gatherings. You already have plenty of food that you have made the day of, so having the dessert(s) all ready to go ahead of time helps to reduce your stress. It also helps for those moments when you NEED (not want) a sweet treat to combat your cravings. Now, let me share some desserts with you that can be made ahead of time…

Freezer Desserts

The following desserts don’t necessarily require freezing, BUT by freezing them, you can keep them stored in the freezer for 1-3 months. Though cheesecakes aren’t typically listed as QUICK desserts, by freezing them and having a stash tucked away, they do.


If you are new to raw, cheesecakes are easy to make, there are just a few steps involved. You can start by making really simple ones without any fancy decorations. And as you build your confidence up, you can add your personal creative touch to them.


Raw brownies are so easy to make; in fact, they fit into several signatories here. They also can be made in advance, or made on the spot (most don’t require a “set-up” time). But again, I can’t stress enough how nice it is to make up a large tray of them, cut them into 2″x2″ squares, place them in cupcake liners, and store in the freezer.


Most people may not think of cookies as a dessert, but they most certainly can be! Again they can be made ahead of time or on the spot (as needed). Cookies come in all forms; they can be frozen, eaten right away, or dehydrated/frozen or dehydrated.  Ah, the beauty of raw desserts!

Ice Cream / Popcycles

Who doesn’t love to open the freezer and find ice cream?! Even in the coldest of months, ice cream is a well-enjoyed dessert.  Ice cream can be super simple, or it can elevate a dessert. Just like my cheesecakes, I love to make single-serving ice cream tubs in freezer-safe jars, this reduces ice crystals from forming because you’re not constantly removing a tub ice cream in and out of the freezer.


Banana Ice Cream

Ok, folks, it doesn’t get any easier or healthier than this… Banana Ice Cream is free of gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, food coloring, and artificial ingredients!  Technically, it only takes one ingredient – FROZEN bananas. I tend to add a little almond milk, but that is entirely optional. If you are hosting a dinner party, this is fun to make up on the spot because most people have no idea that frozen bananas can turn into a luxurious soft serve ice cream.

Hardening Chocolate

Liquid chocolate… need I explain?! This chocolate is something that you can make on a whim, providing you keep your pantry stocked of the raw basics. It’s a great way to connect with others. Someone can make the chocolate sauce; another person could chop of fresh fruit to dip in the chocolate… laughter, messes, finger-licking, spoon licking, chatter. I can hear it from here!

I could go on and on, but hopefully, the samples that I shared with you got your tastebuds singing and your thoughts spinning with ideas. Enjoy, have fun, and eat responsibly. amie sue

P.S. For more inspiration, be sure to check out the other recipe categories; ChocolateCookies Nuggets, and Balls, Cakes and Pies, Frozen Desserts, Pasteries, and Pudding and Mousse.

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