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(No longer active) #7 – Join Our Private Facebook Group (for paid members)

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One of the many great things about the Internet is the connection that can take place between people that span across the globe. I can’t even begin to share just how amazing it has been in creating Nouveauraw.com. I have met people from lands that I have never even heard of, and best of all friendships have formed.

When I first entered into the raw food world, there weren’t any online support systems to help guide, support, encourage, or inspire me. Nowadays, there are a plethora of raw sites and communities to help you journey into a whole new exciting culinary world. Anyway, I don’t want to get off track here. When I created Nouveauraw.com, I wanted it to be a place where a person could enter in, kick their shoes off, and get lost in an ocean of endless nutritious and delicious recipes. But there was one thing missing… a sense of community. I wanted to bring other like-minded people together so we could all feel supported regardless of our path.

So, I created a private Facebook page for all of our beautiful members. It’s a place to introduce yourself, to share photos of your food creations, to ask questions, and to help and support one another. I realize that not everyone has a Facebook account or desires to partake of social media… BUT for the sake of establishing friends that share the same love and passion for healthy eating… I encourage you to join us.

Don’t have a Facebook Account?

If you don’t have a Facebook account, and in order to join the Members Group, you will need to create one.  Click (here) for step by step instructions on how to set up a Facebook account.  It’s very quick, easy, and free. Once you do,  click (here) to join the group. You will be asked to provide your NouveauRaw membership username or email address, so I can identify you and approve your request. I will respond to the requests promptly. Be patient with me; I am a one-woman show. :)

Facebook Public Page:

I also have a public page, and I would love for you to join me there as well.  Here I will be posting all the other parts of my life including my recipe creations. Who knew I ever left the kitchen?! Hehe Everything from decorating, crafty things I am working on, thoughts, ideas, and anything else that pops up in my life.  Click (here) and press the “LIKE” button. Once you do that, my postings will turn up on your personal news feeds.

Have a blessed and happy, amie sue

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