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Sweet Spinach Hemp Smoothie

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~ raw, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free ~

This morning marked day 1 of my 30-day smoothie / 100% raw adventure.  Eating 100% raw is not new to me.  A few years ago I was 100% for a complete year and in between then and now I have been eating high raw.

I am using the following 30 days to really saturate my body with a variety of nutrients and healthy fats.  I am trying to keep my fruits at a minimum in these smoothies, hence the intense green color this morning. :)  I added 2 handfuls of ice to it which bumped it up from 32 oz to 36 oz.

Sweet Spinach Hemp Smoothie with straw and garnished with mint

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are a great resource for Omega fatty acids, which offer many benefits. They help in weight loss because they produce long-term appetite satisfaction and they also help the cardiovascular, immune, reproductive, and central nervous systems on a minute to minute basis every day. Other benefits of hemp seed come from the fiber content (which is important for the digestive system) and is an adequate source of calcium and iron.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Studies have shown that just 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon per day can lower LDL cholesterol and is beneficial for those with hypothyroidism.  Several studies suggest that cinnamon may have a regulatory effect on blood sugar, making it especially beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes.  Cinnamon is so amazing! To read more about it click (here).

Smoothie Tips

Blending fruits and vegetables together breaks down the cells of plants and improves digestibility. BUT even with that, be sure to chew your smoothies.  The chewing process starts the release of the saliva in your mouth.  The mixture of saliva and your food is where digestion begins.  This is a very healthy habit to get into.  It may feel strange at first, but soon it will become an automatic response.

Sweet Spinach Hemp Smoothie with strawIngredients:


  1. Add the water, spinach, and kale to the blender carafe.  Blend until the greens are completely broken down.
    • The first thing to add to your blender is the liquid.  This will the greens move more freely when blending.
  2. Add the hemp seeds, frozen banana, lemon juice, vanilla, cinnamon, sweetener, and salt.  Blend until smooth.
    • I always recommend frozen bananas over fresh.  Make a habit out of storing overripe, peeled bananas in the freezer for future smoothies.
    • A dash of a high-quality salt will increase the minerals and improve the taste of your smoothie.
    • A good green smoothie should be perfectly smooth.
  3. Optional – Add ice
    • Always add the ice last. Otherwise, you may over blend the ice, and it will make your smoothie watery rather than frosty.
    • I usually only add ice if my fruit wasn’t frozen.
  4. Enjoy right away.

8 thoughts on “Sweet Spinach Hemp Smoothie

  1. Ana says:

    Hello Amie-Sue
    I continue to be amazed with your website! Love it!
    Bananas are a problem for me – sadly give me mouth ulcers :o(
    so I am trying to replace them in drinks and thought of avocado, mango and apples. Please would you have any other ideas? thank you so much!
    You have the best raw site ever!
    Ana, UK

    • amie-sue says:

      Thank you Ana. :) Just out of curiosity have tried really ripe bananas? I have known a few people who get mouth ulcers with unripe bananas but not really ripe ones. Just a thought. If you are looking for replacements for banana due to the creamy texture it gives… you are on the right track. Avocado is a great substitute for banana texture wise. It really depends on the other ingredients being used and what pairs well for you flavor and texture wise. :) I hope you having a great weekend. amie sue

  2. Ana says:

    Thank you Amie-Sue,good question not sure! think all bananas, on the other hand found yesterday that I have eaten dates with glucose which is derived from wheat. I can’t have any gluten or oats which also give me mouth ulcers…so I am not sure any more!! hoping it’s not bananas as I love them and they are so versatile! thanks again for your reply. All the best, Ana

    • amie-sue says:

      Good evening Ana,

      Dates with glucose derived from wheat? I am confused by this. Help. :) Can you please explain further? amie sue

  3. Ana says:

    Hi Amie-Sue, I am so confused too! I bought the dates from a supermarket here in the UK with this label

    “Dates Category I,coating agent: glucose (made from wheat) ,anti-caking agent : glycerol”

    I normally buy organic dates but for some reason I ended up buying these, then I’ve got a bad reaction (as I normally get when I eat gluten) and I couldn’t think of what I had eaten with gluten. I thought instead it was bananas as I an not 100% sure I am ok with bananas. Then I read the label on the dates…
    so I guess I am now double careful with dates!
    Thanks for getting back to me, I am off for a few days and will be busy “baking” raw – following your recipes of course!

    • amie-sue says:

      Good evening Ana,

      Well goodness, I have never seen such a thing. But thank you for sharing because I will really start to watch for this too. Yucka! I get my dates from Naked Dates, they are organic and sooo wonderful!! The best I have had so far. Have a terrific time in the kitchen. Keep me posted on what you make, I love hearing! amie sue

  4. Ana says:

    Thank you Amie-Sue,
    I’ve managed to make some of your crackers and ice-cream, lovely!
    I also made two small cheeses using your recipe and they are amazing! with a proper rind and very “cheesy”! they look just like English Cheddar!
    Thank you again for all your wonderful recipes and ideas

    • amie-sue says:

      You welcome Ana. It sounds like you have been busy in the kitchen. That is wonderful! Have a great evening, amie sue

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