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How to Slice a Cake / Cheesecake

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How to Slice a Cake / Cheesecake, Cultured Strawberry Mint CheesecakeExtremely moist cake tastes great, but it often crumbles when cut. When serving cake you want it to look as good as it tastes and you also want to make it look easy when your guests are watching. By following these easy-to-do steps, you can cut a moist cake while keeping the pieces intact for everyone to enjoy.

How to Cut a Cake

Determine number of pieces needed:

Determine before you start cutting how many pieces you’ll want.  Most round cakes easily cut into 8 to 12 pieces. Think about how many people you’re serving when you choose the number of pieces so there is enough for everyone.

Also, keep in mind that raw desserts are more dense and richer in flavor than most cooked.  Therefore, it is best to serve smaller portions.  They can always get a second piece if they want more.  But it is disheartening to see your creation in the trash if they can’t eat all of it.

16 Slices

  • To yield 16 slices, cut the cake into quarters, cut each quarter in half, and cut each half in half again.

12 Slices

  • For twelve slices, use the numbers on a clock as your guide.

10 Slices

  • For odd-numbered servings or to cut the cake in 10 slices, lightly score the surface of the cake before slicing to gauge the size of the pieces. If your knife isn’t long enough to reach across the cake, start from the center and work outwards.


  1. Run a thin-bladed knife under hot water.  Or  fill a tall container such as a pitcher or vase with hot water deep enough to cover the entire blade of your knife. This will help the knife to glide more easily through the cake as you slice it.  A longer knife, especially one made to cut cake such as a 10- to 12-inch serrated,  is best so you will not have to make multiple motions for one cut.  It is best NOT to saw back and forth.  This will cause crumbs and layers to muddle (if you have a layered cake).
  2. Dry the knife (to prevent crumbling) and make your first slice.  Keep a steady hand and try to be as even as possible.  The best place to begin to keep the pieces even is down the middle (either horizontally or diagonally).
  3. Pull the knife out from the side of the cake, rather than lifting it through the top, for a smooth cut.  Lifting the blade will cause a smeared look and again muddle the layers if it is a layered dessert.
  4. Wash the knife under hot water and dry it again between every slice to continue to cut smoothly.  Continue making even pieces by placing a light mark on the cake where you’ll be slicing.  This ensures you’ll cut the right number of pieces.
  5. Slice the cake into as many pieces as you need. Use a small cake spatula (usually triangle-shaped) to easily lift each piece of cake onto a plate.  The cake piece should be smaller than the slice of cake that you are lifting out.  This will prevent getting caught on the edges of the other slices.  Lift the first slice upward, outward, and onto a serving plate.

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 How to Cut a Cake, some tips

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  1. dana says:

    prettiest “cheeze cake” ever! great recipe as well! thank you as all ways amie sue! and happy mothers day to you as well!

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