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Maple Cinnamon Sunflower Seeds (raw, GF, vegan)

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A dear friend of ours shared with me not to long ago that he loved sunflower seeds.  I made a mental note and couldn’t wait to get in the kitchen to make him a healthy creation of one of his favorite foods.  I have to admit that these turned very delightful.  My fingers are crossed that he too will enjoy them.  To personalize the gift I made some labels which I think added a lot of charm.
Please click (here) to read why I use Ceylon cinnamon in my recipes.  Not all cinnamons are the same.



  1. In a large bowl combine the cinnamon, mesquite powder, salt and chia seeds.
  2. Add sunflower seeds, yacon syrup, and vanilla.  Mix until the seeds are well coated.
  3. Spread on teflex dehydrator sheets and dehydrate at 115F for 8-10 hours or until dry.
  4. You may want to check your seeds and stir them around to help the drying process.


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4 thoughts on “Maple Cinnamon Sunflower Seeds (raw, GF, vegan)

  1. Kim says:

    These look delicious!

  2. Deb says:

    Can I sub maple syurp for the Yukon? Can’t wait to try this!

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