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Almond Butter Cereal Crunch

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Almond Butter Cereal Crunch

Amazing Raw Gluten-Free Almond Butter Cereal Crunch Recipe

~ raw, vegan, gluten-free ~

The title may have given it away but the secret ingredient in this cereal is almond butter. :)  Whether you buy or make your raw almond butter there will always be slight variances in consistency and texture.  So here is a good lesson on how to handle raw ingredients and the tweaking that raw recipes usually require.

If the almond butter is really thick, a little more liquid may be required and vice-versa  Other things to take into account might be, was salt added, is it actually raw or were the almonds roasted?   These types of things will definitely alter the fast of the final product.  And with raw you don’t have the luxury of cooking to mellow and or combine flavors.

None of these things are wrong or game-breakers, I just want you to embrace the slight differences that will affect the end result.  This goes for any recipe that you make.  As always I want to encourage you to find ways to express your love through food, not only to those around you but to yourself as well.  The gift of health that you are sharing one spoonful at a time is a real blessing.  Honor the food and honor your body.

If a recipe doesn’t turn exactly as expected, don’t beat yourself up (or the creator of said recipe hehe).  Make peace with yourself because sometimes mistakes can lead to the creation of a new masterpiece. A while back I wrote a post called ” The value of taste testing as you go”.  If you haven’t read that, please do, it can save a lot of heartache in the kitchen.  Another good read is, “Flavor Balancing and how to fix a recipe”.  My heartfelt wish is to support you and to help build your confidence in the kitchen. Remember, I was the gal who trembled when the spice drawer was opened and the one who ran if a recipe had more than three ingredients.  :)

So… the Almond Butter Cereal Crunch… this cereal turned out nice and crunchy, nutty and sweet.  I recommend topping it with some fresh or dried fruit to add additional texture and flavor.  These little cereal squares are also wonderful by the handful as a snack or even toss them in a baggie along with other nuts and dried fruits for a yummy trail mix.  Just have fun with this recipe, and make it your own.

Amazing Breakfast Raw Almond Butter Cereal Crunch with nut milk

Ingredients: yields 5 cups dry cereal

  • 1 1/4 cups dry raw buckwheat groats, soaked 30+ minutes
  • 1/2 cup raw coconut crystals
  • 1/2 cup natural almond butter
  • 1/4 tsp almond extract
  • 1/3 cup water (depending on almond butter consistency)
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp ground Ceylon cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp Himalayan pink salt
  • 1-2 tsp liquid stevia (optional)


  1. After soaking the buckwheat rinse until the water runs clear.   This will take a while, it a test of patience.
  2. In the food processor combine the coconut crystals, almond butter, almond extract, (hold the water for now), vanilla, cinnamon, and salt.  Process together until it is creamy and smooth.
    • If the mixture is too thick, start adding water 1 Tbsp at a time.
    • The water amount will differ based on your almond butter. Raw store-bought almond butter is often smoother than homemade.
    • Taste test to see if you wish to add the stevia or any other sweetener.
  3. Add the buckwheat and pulse together.  Don’t get too crazy and pulverize the buckwheat.
  4. Spread the mixture on the teflex sheet that comes with the dehydrator.  I spread mine to all four sides of the tray.
  5. Score the batter into desired size squares.
    • You could leave it whole and just break apart after dehydration if you wanted to.
    • I used a ruler and pizza cutter to make my score marks.
    • If the batter is too wet to “hold” the score marks, wait until it has dehydrated for a few hours and then try again.
  6. Dehydrate at 115 degrees for about 9 hours, flip the batter over onto the mesh screen, peeling off the teflex, and continue drying for another 9 hours or until completely dry.
    • Allow it to cool for storing so moisture doesn’t build up in the container.
  7. Store in airtight containers.  They will freeze wonderfully if you want to create a stockpile. :)

FDA (Food Determining Association) conducted a test at Nouveau Raw Kitchens, The Soggy Cereal Test. The subject: Crunchy Peanut Butter and Buckwheat Cereal Squares.   Object: to see how long this raw cereal could stand up to almond milk before getting soggy.   No animals were harmed in this test.   Results posted below.

The Soggy Cereal Test

Step 1 ~ Add nut milk to a bowl of Raw Almond Butter Cereal Crunch,sprinkled with dried cranberries.

Adding nut milk to a bowl of Raw Almond Butter Cereal Crunch, sprinkled with dried cranberries

Step 2 ~ 10 minutes into the test. Oh boy, restraint is needed!

10 minutes into the test, still chrispy

Results ~ Still crispy.
Step 3 ~ 20 minutes into the test.

20 minutes into the test, still crispy

Results ~ Still crispy, edges are getting a little soft, but still has a nice crunch.
Step 4 ~ 30 minutes into the test.

30 minutes into the test, still crispy

Results ~ Still crispy.  Notice: the contents of the bowl are decreasing.
I don’t think I have ever eaten a bowl of cereal this slow before. Ahhh!
Step 5 ~ 40 minutes into the test.

40 minutes into the test, still crispy in the center

Results ~ Still crispy in the center of the squares.
If you have a slow eater in your family… this cereal is for them!
Step 6 ~ After 45 minutes… the last bite still had crunch. Approved!

After 45 minutes, the last bite still had crunch. Test Approved

This concludes our test.

25 thoughts on “Almond Butter Cereal Crunch

  1. Kathryn says:

    hahaha…crunch test is too funny. Your creativity is astounding! This cereal is perfect for my teenager. She’s going to love it. We’d probably love it, too, if Munch Mouth doesn’t graze through it all. LOL. Thanks for sharing your genius with all of us.

    p.s. – the link to the “Flavor Balancing” post brings up the “Taste as You Go” post.

    • amie-sue says:

      Oh thank you Kathryn for letting me know. I will get that fixed pronto :) I hope you daughter enjoys the cereal… you will have to keep me posted if you make it. Have a great day, amie sue

  2. Constance says:

    This is just the thing I have been looking for-and the fact that it freezes well is a huge perk for me right now
    I have an upcoming surgery-so I have been trying to stock my freezer with easy already to thaw and eat foods
    Thanks for this one I will make this up today and let you know the taste test results

    • amie-sue says:

      Please do Constance, but even more important… pop in when you can to let me know that you are OK after surgery. Smart thinking to create a surplus of yummy foods to help you through this time. Keep in touch and many blessings, amie sue

  3. Laura says:

    You crack me up! Thanks, I needed a little day brightening today :) Looking forward to trying this recipe!

  4. Constance says:

    ok just got the mess cleaned up from making this
    made 4 batchs 3 of which actually made it into the dehydrator my husband and i ate the dough from the first batch LOL
    this is so yummy cant wait to see what it tastes like when it gets to be cereal
    oh ya little side note here for cleaning buckwheat and other seed types I have a rice cleaning bowl I found on Amazon for just a little over 4 bucks and this is one of my favorite tools
    i love yogurt for my cereal but i have never made nut milk yogurt and dont see directions on here
    any help would be greatly appreciated Amy
    thanks again you are a champ
    PS: yes i will let you know how things go as soon as i can see the computer again having surgery on my eyes
    Yikes!!! LOL

  5. Uli says:

    Hi Amie Sue,

    I was wondering if you can tell me where I can find coconut crystals as I have not heard of them.
    The cereal sounds great and I really want to give it a try.


  6. Joanne says:

    hi there, ok with my enthusiasm for going for the gold with your recipes….I think your introduction up there is perfect for ME! with all the time and effort that goes into a recipe yes it can be disheartening with it “flops”. I guess this is where the gift of perseverance rises up. I so look forward to trying this cereal. This website is so much fun. I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts about a recipe. You are too funny! :) And who doesn’t need laughter, support, fun and creativity in their life?

    • amie-sue says:

      Ah, thank you Joanne :) You know how to put a smile on my face. hehe I just love preparing raw foods… in all these years my passion only grows. What a blessing to share what I love doing the most in life… well, one of the many things. :) amie sue

  7. Joanne says:

    By the way have you seen this tool on Amazon? it is called a “Ateco 5-Wheel Stainless Steel Cutter”. It is perfect for scoring and especially if one has a wobbly hand which I do have sometimes. :)

    • amie-sue says:

      You have no idea how many times that I have just about bought one of those… there are a few restaurant supply stores in Portland that I love to frequent. They are like candy stores to a child for me. hehe I have picked up, looked them over, even put one in my cart… yet never bought one. oy-vey! I don’t know why. Now I might have too! amie sue

  8. Holly says:

    Love your recipes & can’t wait to try this one!

    • amie-sue says:

      I hope you do try it Holly and let me know how it goes if you would. I always love hearing. Have a great evening, amie sue

  9. Shelley says:

    Amie Sue,

    Could I use kasha instead of raw buck wheat groats? Is all I have at the moment …I was wondering if it would still work in the recipe? I know it wouldn’t be totally raw
    ;(…..just trying to use what I already have…let me know….

    Thanks again ,


    • amie-sue says:

      Good evening Shelley,

      Yes, you can use the kasha in place of the raw buckwheat. I understand the need for using what you have. :) Use it up and perhaps in the future you can try the raw buckwheat groats. It’s a journey, make it a fun one! Have a blessed evening, amie sue

  10. Margaret Ding says:

    I am allergic to peanuts and have been looking for a good recipe for almond butter cereal! So excited!

    I do not have a dehydrator; is there a way I can do this with a plain old oven?

    • amie-sue says:

      Oh I hope you give the recipe a try Margaret. :)

      I haven’t tried it in the oven so I can’t give a clear answer. It won’t remain raw but if you try it, I would set the oven on the lowest setting and just keep a close eye on it. Let me know if you try it. amie sue

  11. Glorianne says:

    What is the difference in the coconut crystals and the coconut palm sugar. I already have the latter, but will it make it taste different. THANK YOU once again for another awesome recipe!

    • amie-sue says:

      Good afternoon Glorianne,

      The coconut crystals that I am referring to are raw whereas coconut palm sugar is not. Flavor-wise they are pretty much the same. :) Enjoy and let me know how the cereal turns out for you. blessings, amie sue

  12. Catherine says:

    Eating this for breakfast as I write :) Delicious :p
    I added raisins, banana, honey and cinnamon…it’s a staple now for me. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe Amie Sue :)

    • amie-sue says:

      Ummm that sounds delicious Catherine! So happy that you are enjoying this recipe. I LOVE cereal! hehe Thanks for commenting and be sure to have a wonderful day. :) blessings, amie sue

  13. Wyandotte says:

    I don’t have a food processor and never will, so I think I’ll skip the buckwheat and make this cereal out of sprouted spelt, wheat or kamut instead. Yes, they are chewy, so I may put them through my grinder. This is not a food processor. It doesn’t chop, it sort of smashes the food.

    No drying required. Hope someone without a food processor will find this helpful. Thankx.

    Never heard of “coconut crystals” before and was surprised to hear that coconut sap sugar that I’ve been buying has been cooked.

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