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Goji Mulberry Chewy Cookies

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Goji Mulberry Chewy Cookies are raw, vegan, and gluten-free

~ raw, gluten-free, vegan ~

These wholesome oatmeal cookies are chewy and moist, featuring sweet mulberries, goji berries, and comforting spice. A generous bonus (pun intended) to these little gems is that they are only fruit sweetened.  I did add a little stevia to pump of the sweet level (for my dad’s liking) but taste test the batter before adding… you may find them perfect as is.

I always enjoy using dried mulberries whenever I have the chance. They are similar to dried figs in flavor and texture. When dried, they contain 70% carbs, 14% fiber, 12% protein and 3% fat, which makes them reasonably high in protein, at least compared to most berries.

They are also an excellent source of iron, calcium, and vitamin C. And let’s not forget that they are high in antioxidants, including resveratrol.

As I dug into the nutrients of mulberries… I had to go even deeper with one particular nutrient that they have to offer, and that is resveratrol. Resveratrol helps to protect the lining of your arteries so blood flows as it should. It also helps in reducing oxidative stress, which prevents the premature aging of cells. They also give cellular support that improves mental function and promotes oral/dental health. And the benefits keep on coming, but I am going to stop there for now.

If interested, you also find resveratrol in the skin of grapes, blueberries, raspberries, mulberries, lingonberry, and senna.

There are so many other excellent ingredients used in these cookies, but I thought mulberries needed a little star-light shown upon them. :)  I do hope you enjoy this recipe and will comment below. Have a blessed day, amie sue


yields 30 (1/4 cup measurement cookies)

Wet ingredients:


  1. To start the recipe, soak the oats and hazel according to the links provided above.
    • Drain and discard the soaking water and rinse thoroughly.  Especially the oats, this will take a few minutes.
    • If you already have soaked and dehydrated nuts and oats on hand, use those. No need to soak them again. You might need to add a little water to the batter at the end.
  2. Place the oats, nuts, dried strawberries, raisins, and coconut in a large bowl.
  3. In a food processor, fitted with the “S blade, combine the bananas, date paste, cinnamon, and stevia.  Process until creamy. Set aside.
  4. Pour the wet ingredients over the other ingredients in the mixing bowl. Using your hands, get in there, and mix everything until it is all evenly coated.
  5. Using a 1/4 cup cookie scoop, place the cookies on non-stick sheets that come with the dehydrator.
    • I did 9 per tray, leaving space in between them.
    • Once a tray is full, pick it up by the bottom 2 corners. Lightly tap the tray on the countertop 2x, turn the tray, and do this on each edge.  By doing this, it will somewhat flatten the cookies, making them the perfect cookie shape.
  6. Dry at 145 degrees (F) for 1 hour, reduce to 115 degrees (F) and continue to dry for 8-10 hours or until the desired dryness/moisture is achieved.
    • Halfway through, transfer the cookies to the mesh sheet to speed up the dry time.
    • Dry times will always vary depending on the climate, humidity, model of the machine, and how full it is.
  7. Allow to cool, then store in an airtight container.  These will freezer perfectly as well.

The Institute of Culinary Ingredients™

Culinary Explanations:

  • Why do I start the dehydrator at 145 degrees (F)?  Click (here) to learn the reason behind this.
  • When working with fresh ingredients, it is important to taste test as you build a recipe.  Learn why (here).
  • Don’t own a dehydrator? Learn how to use your oven (here). I do, however honestly believe that it is a worthwhile investment. Click (here) to learn what I use.

6 thoughts on “Goji Mulberry Chewy Cookies

  1. Diana says:

    Dear Amie Sue,

    Thank you for a wonderful recipe… again :) I am planing to make this cookies for my 10-years old son with sweet tooth. But not sure: among ingredients you have not listed dry apples and caramel sauce, the ingredients you have mentioned in preparation… I believe they are not very important?

    Best wishes,

  2. Diana says:

    Thank you Amie Sue <3, will try for sure, Best, Diana

  3. onebearheart says:

    i would love to see some cookie recipes sans oats. you have so many wonderful creative recipes but almost all have oats. thank you !

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