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Handy Apple Pies

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~ raw, vegan, gluten-free ~

When creating a buffet of foods for gatherings, I love to put desserts in single serving containers.  It saves time so your not spending time tending to the pie while your guests are hungrily tapping their toes waiting for a slice, it helps with portion control, and it allows guests to wander easily, mingle, and eat their dessert.

There are countless ways in how you can present your raw apple pie. I have done them all! I should have documented each and every way, but sometimes I make food for us just to eat. Lol, This time around I made single servings of Handy Apple Pie. :) This was of course for Halloween and decided to have a little fun with the display and name.  Apple pie was the first raw dessert that I ever learned to make. It’s quick, easy and a sure crowd pleaser.

You can use every day, run of the mill, pie pans, Springform pans, baking dishes, individual serving dishes, or even coffee mugs.

You can make it wide and thin by using a tart pan, or you can make is smaller but taller in Springform pans. There isn’t a wrong way nor is there a right way. It’s whatever strikes your fancy, supplies on hand, and if you are making it just for yourself or for a crowd.

I do, however, want to share a few tips and tricks that I have learned over the years. First of all, start with fresh, crisp, organic apples. Mushy, mealy tasting apples with leave you with a mushy, mealy apple pie.

You can leave the skin on or off of the apple. But only keep the skin on if it is organic. I always use organic apples and have made the pie with and without the skins. Both ways are delicious.

The apples will start to release a little juice as it sits, so this is a pie that is best to be enjoyed within a day or two. I added psyllium to the filling to help thicken and absorb some of those juices.  You are welcome to leave that ingredient out if you wish but just beware of that extra liquid.

This pie is out of this world delicious if you warm it up in the dehydrator. Slide the pies into the cavity of the machine and warm at 145 degrees (F) for 1 hour.  Serve with a scoop of ice cream and you my friend will be indulging in a nutritious, raw, miracle wonder. I hope you enjoy this recipe. Many blessings. amie sue

an over view of raw vegan gluten-free Handy Apple Pies served in individual cups with fake Halloween hands poked in themIngredients:

yields 1 (9″ pan) pie





  1. In the food processor combine the pecans, walnut, and salt. Process to a small crumble.
    • Learn to use your ears to know when it is done processing. It will go from sounding like pebbles bouncing around to a gentle hum. Once it hits that stage, stop immediately.
    • You don’t want to over-process the nuts because they will start to release their natural oils and make the crust oily.
  2. Add the dates and process until the batter starts to roll around in a ball in the food processor.
  3. Press into a 9″ springform pan or any other pan that you want. This batter makes a full-size pie. Have fun with it.


  1. Blend 2 apples, dates, raisins, psyllium, cinnamon, and salt until smooth in the food processor with the “S” blade. Set aside in a bowl.
  2. In food processor chop the other 4 apples, be careful not to make a puree out of this, you just want small bits. Mix into the blended mixture.
  3. Spread into pie crust. Chill.
  4. These are good in the fridge for serval days.  The longer they sit, the more the apples will start to release their natural juices.

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