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Stuffed Veggie Tamari Carrot Bread Sandwich

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A quick pick-me-up sandwich.  I love making loaves of raw bread because they are lovely staples that you can always have on hand.

The key is to wrap the individual slices in plastic wrap and then freeze them. That way, you can always pull, one, two, four, slices out as needed. And since they are thin slices, they defrost relatively quickly.

There isn’t anything complicated about this plate of food. Every meal doesn’t have to consist of multiple recipes. Some days, we just basically want to grab-n-go.

The beauty of eating a whole-plant-based diet is that what we do eat is dense in nutrients and rich in flavor. Back in the day when I ate the Standard American Diet, bread was just a vehicle, it had very little taste and was void of any wholesome, beneficial, nutrients.

Nowadays when I have a sandwich the bread is just the opposite… it still operates as a vehicle in which to transport a load of veggies, but it loaded with flavor and is drenched in wholesome, beneficial, nutrients.

Sandwiched between these two pieces of Tamari Carrot Bread, you will find a thick slathering of Home-Crafted Mayonnaise, a couple thick juicy slices of fresh tomatoes, a slab of a mild onion, ripe avocado, and newly sprouted alfalfa sprouts.  It’s the perfect explosion of flavor and textures.

Accompanying the sandwich are some garden picked sugar snap peas and plump, juicy cherry tomatoes. Food fit for a queen if you ask me. May I introduce myself… (curtsies) Queen Amie Sue at your service. :)

The bottom line here is to share that raw slices of bread make for wonderful kitchen staples. So I encourage you to make some, freeze them, and enjoy the fast food convenience that it provides. Blessings, amie sue




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