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Flavored Extracts – Medicine Flower

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I am not being endorsed by Medicine Flower, nor have they even approached me to “test” their products for reviews (though I am open to that :).  I just happen to love their products.  And just like any other product that I mention on this site, I want to share my good and not-so-good experiences with you. And to be honest, my only not-so-good experience that I have had with these extracts is maybe if I add too much. They are powerful and you tend to underestimate their power.


Tips I have Learned

Never measure over the bowl of ingredients you’re using for the recipe. If you over pour (drop) into the bowl, it can quickly ruin your culinary creation.  This is good to practice anytime you are measuring out ingredients.

Also when adding the extracts to the recipe, blend the extract in with the wet ingredients first. If you add it to dry ingredients it will be difficult to disperse the flavor throughout the recipe.

Why do I love these extracts so much:


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