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Apricot Flowers (raw, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free)

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raw fresh Apricot Flowers positioned on a piece of raw breadToday, I am going to share a quick and easy tutorial so you can dress up ANY dish that you are serving.  I believe that all food should be served with love and beauty.

To start off, you will want to select organic, large, firm, but ripe apricots.  Tall order, but they do exist. :) This recipe will be difficult to make with mushy apricots… so let me save you from a headache.  If your apricots are mushy… eat them! Throw them in a smoothie or create fruit leather from them. They clearly are not meant for this type food craft.

Next, if at all possible, you will want a mandolin so you can create nice, thin slices.  You want them really thin but not to the point that they are see-through.  You will get as many slices as you can from two sides of the apricot.  The side pieces are meant to be enjoyed as a snack or thrown into a smoothie.

From there you will take the slices of apricot and create a line of them, overlapping each one. See the photos below. The more slices you train together, the larger the flower. But if it gets too big, it can be hard to handle.

Once you have them laid out, start rolling them from one end to the other. Use both hands so that all your fingers can help hold and support the “petals.”  Now, cut it in half with a shape knife. This will give you two flowers.

The cut edge is the base of the flower. I find that it is best to set the flower base on something sticky. For instance, as in the photo here. I took a piece of my raw Apricot Sweetened Bread, spread some apricot jam on top, and then I nestled the bases of the flowers in that.  Other examples would be; used for decorating a cake or cheesecake, give oatmeal an upgrade, dress up your pudding… or anything else along those lines.

They are fresh, vibrant, full of nutrients and flavor… and make a stunning presentation. I hope you enjoy this quick and easy tutorial. Please comment below.  P.S. you can use this technique with just about any fruit that you can slice into thin pieces. Many blessings, amie sue

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