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Parme’nut’san Cheese

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raw vegan Parme'nut'san Cheese in a glass jar

 raw / vegan / gluten-free

This is a wonderful condiment to have on hand.  One of the staple foods that ought to be found in your fridge!  Not only does it taste amazing on raw marinara sauce, but it is also so delicious sprinkled on a salad too.

The nutritional yeast gives it a classic cheesy flavor, not to mention a great non-dairy alternative.  As you read through the ingredients list, you will notice that I recommend soaking, peeling, and dehydrating the almonds.

If you haven’t put the almonds through this process already, you will need to plan a bit ahead of time if you want to make this recipe.  I have created a habit of soaking and dehydrating my nuts as soon as I walk into the house with them.  That way they are always ready to go when I am.   I pop the skins off to make the “cheese” a lighter color rather than having brown flecks in it.  But you don’t have to.


yields 2 cups


  1. Place almonds in the food processor, fitted with the “S” blade, and process until it resembles a fine powder.  Take care that you don’t over-process as this will release too much of the oil found in the almonds.
  2. Add the nutritional yeast and salt.  Pulse blend it all together.
  3. Store in an air-tight container in the fridge for up to several weeks.
  4. When you run out, make more!


Info regarding Red Star Yeast

Manufacturing Nutritional Yeast

Step 1: Seeding

All Lesaffre nutritional yeast products start with a pure parent yeast culture of non-genetically modified Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Our technicians prepare the culture in our laboratory following strict quality control procedures. The seed yeast is grown in sterile flasks and then transferred to large stainless steel fermentation tanks, where it will be cultivated.

Step 2: Cultivation

During the cultivation process, Lesaffre precisely controls the temperature, pH, and “diet” of the yeast in order to create the optimal growing conditions. The yeast is “fed” a purified medium of nutrients and air.

Step 3: Harvesting

Once the growing process is complete, the fermented yeast liquid is passed through a centrifuge, which concentrates and thoroughly washes the yeast cells. The resultant product is an off-white liquid called “nutritional yeast cream.”

Step 4: Fortification

The nutritional yeast cream is then pasteurized, which renders the yeast inactive. During this period, vitamins or minerals may be added to enhance the nutritional profile of the yeast.

Step 5: Drying

Finally, the yeast is dried on roller drum dryers and sized. Then, it is ready to ship to customers!

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4 thoughts on “Parme’nut’san Cheese

  1. Patty says:

    I love your recipes, however, I am allergic to yeast. Do you have any ideas for a replacement?

    • amie-sue says:

      Good morning Patty,
      Oh I am sorry to hear that! Depending on the recipe, you might be able to omit it. But in general it is an ingredient that the raw world uses as a cheesy, nondairy substitute. I have a recipe posted here on the site called Brazilian Nut Parmesan Cheese ( https://nouveauraw.com/spreads-cheeses/brazilian-nut-parmesan-cheese/) that tastes great and doesn’t use nutritional yeast. I hope this helps. It’s tough because not to many other ingredients can mimic the flavor of cheese. Have a blessed day, amie sue

    • Aliyah says:

      I know I’m very late in this but here is a great altenative “parme’nut’san” cheese to sprinkle on pastas, pizzas, salads, etc :)

      1 cup of cashews (depending on how much you want to make)
      1 to 2 cloves of garlic (I just put it in whole)
      Sea salt (add as much to your liking)

      (For those of you not allergic to nutritional yeast, you can put some in if you wish. I usually don’t and it still tastes good :)

      Put all ingredients in food processor and process until it looks like a powdery, parmesan, type of look :)

      It tastes SO good, I even had it today on my raw alfredo sauce with kelp noodles

      Have a nice day!

      • amie-sue says:

        Thank you Aliyah, I appreciate that you shared this. There are always so many creative ways to make this. Have a wonderful evening! amie sue (now you made me hungry. hehe)

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