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Bell Pepper Rainbow Wrap

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raw vegan gluten free flexible Bell Pepper Rainbow Wrap

~ raw, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free ~

This recipe was created for a sweet gal named Rhonda (real names used despite the need for privacy). Haha,  Last week I shared a recipe for my Raw Red Bell Pepper Wraps. The main ingredients used were red bell peppers and tomatoes.  Rhonda asked me what she could use to replace the tomatoes in the wrap.  I felt that just bell peppers could be used, but since I wasn’t sure of the outcome, I got busy in the kitchen creating a new but similar recipe for her and her family.

What’s at the end of your rainbow?

To beef up the nutrient level, I opted to use a rainbow of colors when selecting the bell peppers.  You will quickly notice that I didn’t use green peppers, as they are harvested before they are fully ripe, one reason they are less expensive than other varieties. If they had been left to mature a bit longer on the plant, they would go from green, to yellow and then red. Green peppers have a slightly bitter flavor and because they aren’t ripe, and I find them more difficult to digest.

I used the more mature orange and yellow peppers, and they also have a fruity taste. These ones are rich in carotenoid phytonutrients and contain almost eleven times more beta-carotene than green bell peppers as well as one and a half times more vitamin C. Did you know that pimento and paprika are both prepared from red bell peppers?

Red bell peppers contain lycopene, a pigment that’s responsible for their vibrant color, and also acts as a powerful antioxidant, helping to guard your cells against harm from oxidative stress.  To increase the lycopene, you can lightly cook them in olive oil.

Anyway, it’s time to move on and get busy in the kitchen.  I hope you enjoy this Rhonda, please keep us posted! I made this for Bob’s dinner, two days in a row (I had to really verify that it was a winner)… and Bob LOVED it.  I will soon be sharing the pate’ recipe as well.  Blessings.

preparing all the ingredients to make raw vegan gluten free flexible Bell Pepper Rainbow WrapIngredients:

Yields 7 cups batter


  1. This recipe creates a large volume of batter so make sure that your blender or food processor can handle 7 cups worth of batter. ( or do 1/2 batch at a time)
  2. Roughly chop the bell peppers, remove the stem, seeds, and ribbing.  Place in blender and process to a liquid.
  3. Peel and rough chop the zucchini.  Add to the blender and process.
  4. Peel and remove the seed from the avocado and place in the blender and process.
  5. Add the psyllium and seasonings. For the last time, process until everything is well mixed.
    • Psyllium will start to thicken if you goof around too long.  Just warning you. :)
    • If you don’t have psyllium, I recommend getting some ground chia seeds which can be used in its place.
  6. Spreading the batter on non-stick sheets can be done in several ways; in circles or large squares.  They can also be made small, medium, or large.
    • For a full sheet – spread 2 cups of batter from edge to edge.
    • I use Excalibur dehydrators, so it is one large square.
    • Spread the batter according to what machine and dimensions that you have.
    • Take it all the way up the edge of the dehydrator tray and when you are all done, wipe the edges clean with a paper towel.
    • This amount of batter created 3 full-sized trays plus I made a circular wrap that used 1 cup of batter.
    • Make sure that the batter is spread evenly, so it will all dry at the same rate.
  7. Dehydrate at 115 degrees (F) for about 5-6 hours.  At this time, test to see if you can flip the wrap over directly onto the mesh screen.
  8. Carefully peel back the non-stick sheet and continue to dry until you don’t see any light and dark spots.
    • Place another mesh sheet over the wrap to help hold it flat while it completes the dry time.
    • If the batter is leaving wet spots on the non-stick sheet, that means it isn’t ready to be flipped.  Keep drying for a bit longer and retest.
    • The wrap shouldn’t be sticky to the touch when dry, and it should be flexible.
    • If the wrap becomes too stiff to fold, spritz the backside with water.  Don’t use too much though.
  9. Full sheet – if you made a full sheet wrap, you could do many things with it:
    • To store: lay the wrap on plastic wrap and roll into a tube, placing it in a zip-lock bag.
    • To use: Make one large sandwich, placing the filling along one whole edge, roll, and then cut into serving-sized portions. Or you can cut it into 4 equal-sized squares and make individual sandwich wraps.
  10. These wraps, if properly stored can last for several weeks if not longer.
  11. To store: place a piece of parchment paper in between each wrap, so they don’t stick to one another.  Slide into a zip-lock bag (freezer one if you plan on freezing them). Be sure to remove the air from the bag each time you open it.  Again, if the wraps get too dry, you can spritz them with water to soften.
  12. Load the wraps with your favorite sandwich making and enjoy!  Here are some filling ideas:
    • Load the wrap with my Raw Cilantro Guacamole and fresh veggies.
    • Load with fresh veggies and drizzle on one of my many raw dressings: Raw Russian Salad Dressing, or Vegan Chunky Thousand Island Dressing.
    • Marinate some veggies in the dehydrator and add a nice hefty spread of Raw Caramelized Onion Spread it.
    • Make a Mexican themed wrap by adding in some Raw Lentil Taco Meat, guacamole, (see cheese section for ideas), and shredded lettuce!  My Raw Five Layer Mexican Fiesta Dip has many excellent components that would pair well with this wrap as well.
    • In the photo above I used my Not Tuna Spread.
    • Tip: line the wrap with greens to prevent other wet ingredients from making the wrap soggy.  This is a great trick if you want to make them ahead of time.
    • As you can see, there are many many possibilities!

17 thoughts on “Bell Pepper Rainbow Wrap

  1. Andrea Christine says:

    Thank you for creating a wrap recipe that doesn’t include oats! Because I can’t eat oats, I usually have to re-work your recipes containing them which is trial & error at best. I use wraps a lot so these will come in very handy. Thanks! :)

  2. kate says:

    I’ve been thinking what I would use in place of the bell peppers….nightshades don’t agree too well. Any ideas??
    More zucchini?? maybe carrots and celery……thank you, k.

  3. Rhondy says:

    Hello Amie,

    I do not think that my face is big enough to contain the smile that I have on it at this moment after reading your post and viewing those gorgeous wraps !:):)

    I am so humbled that you that you took the time to respond to my “cry for help” by going into your kitchen and putting your expertise and know how to work for the benefit of me and my family.

    Thank you in advance for not only producing a winning recipe that meets my family’s diet needs, but one taste tested and husband approved.

    Okay, now off I excitedly go to the kitchen. Will report back before the weekend.

    You are truly special.


    • amie-sue says:

      Your welcome Rhondy. Your sweet words made it all worth it. :) I should have mentioned that I made two trays worth with this batter, but I forgot because one tray gracefully slid into the soapy dish water as I was walking past the sink! lol

      I once did a 39 mile, straight down hill bike ride. One of the instructions that we were given was to never turn your head to check out the views, keep your head and eyes forward… this is because the body follows the head and it as far to dangerous to swerve out into traffic.

      I think this is what happened to me so my word of advice… as you are carrying your tray to the dehydrator don’t turn your head and check out the dirty dishes in the sink… stay focused till that puppy in snug and safe in the machine. hehe

      I can’t wait to hear how it turns out for you Rhondy. Blessings and have a great week! amie sue

  4. Dianne Page. says:

    Dear Amie Sue, love your site and all the wonderful recipes. Just wondering what you can substitute for psyllium in this recipe as both my husband and I are allergic to it. Seems to be used a lot these days and I have yet to see an adequate substitute. Thanks. Dianne.

    • amie-sue says:

      Good morning Dianne,

      It really all depends on the role that the psyllium is playing in a recipes as to whether or not it can be substituted out or use something else in its place. Many people use it when they have issues with gluten products. In wraps, it gives them their flexibility… in my raw breads it gives the bread that spongy texture. The closest ingredients that can be used in its place is either ground up chia seeds, flax seeds and sometimes avocado. In this wrap recipe I would try either the flax or chia seeds. In wrap recipes that are sweet, you can use banana, young Thai coconut and mangos.

      Does this help Dianne? Have a great day, amie sue

      • Dianne Page. says:

        Amie-Sue, thank you, yes that is a great help. The most conclusive set of substitutions and also one I can use. Its hard being allergic to wheat and also psyllium as so many people use it in baking. Once again. Thanks with deep appreciation. Cheers.

  5. Christine says:

    Hi – these are fabulous – I am making these the third time now since last month. Fast to make and they taste delicious. Last box of peppers. Thanks for the recipes and I love your site. Keep up the great job!!

    • amie-sue says:

      Isn’t it wonderful to find a kitchen staple Christine?! Thanks for sharing, enjoy and have a blessed day. I have 22 wraps in the dehydrator as I type this… not this recipe, a new one but I just love the aroma of wraps “baking” away. hehe amie sue

  6. Monique says:

    Hi Amie-sue, still gathering ideas for dehydration and inpiring recipes. Have you ever heard of russel james of therawfoodchef.com ? Also inpiring!

    • Monique says:

      Sorry i meant Therawchef.com. Sooooo many inspiring and new information, since i am new to the game! :)

    • amie-sue says:

      Yes I am aware of him. He is sooo talented and a great inspiration! You will find a lot of support out there on the Internet these days. Have a great weekend. amie sue :)

  7. Kenna says:

    Hi. I think that you have one of the best raw food websites out there. Thanks for the great recipes!

    • amie-sue says:

      Thank you so much Kenna. That means a lot to me. :) I hope you find much inspiration throughout it. Blessings, amie sue

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