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Nouveau Raw Upgrades

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First of all my apologies if all the construction work around here at my site has been distracting.  We have been busy beavers behind the scenes… continually working to make the NouveauRaw experience  even more pleasurable. How is that possible? I know, right?! I feel it is important and exciting to share with you everything that we have been and are currently doing.  So here goes.

FAQ Page

We are so excited to share this new page with you.  It is located at the top of main menu bar of NouveauRaw, and it’s called, FAQ (frequently asked questions). Or you can click (here) to quickly view it now.  Within it we  created three different sections.

#1 – Membership. If you ever have any membership questions or issues, please look there first. If you don’t find answers to your questions there, then please shoot us an email: [email protected].

#2 – Recipe questions. I created these based off of the most common questions I am asked. In this case if you don’t find the answers to the questions you have there, please leave your recipe question in the comment section at the bottom of the recipe that you are working on.

#3 – The Raw Food Diet questions. For those of you who are new to the raw food diet, I have touched base on the most common questions that I get, so please look and read through them. I can see this section growing over time so please refer back to this page before sending emails.  Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing from you, but your answer just might be found here and may save all of us some time.

A Better Delivery System for Nouveau Raw

In the past NouveauRaw experienced some creepy-crawly-load-times. For those of you who have been around for while, you most certainly have experienced that condition. To help increase the speed of the site, we installed what is called a content delivery network (CDN).  So what this means is, that instead of NouveauRaw being hosted on just one server in one place of the country, now multiple copies of the NouveauRaw site are now hosted on different servers all around the country.

That way, when a you are loading one of our recipe pages your browser can get that information from the closest server to you. It’s kind of like going to the local convenience store to buy an apple instead of driving all the way into town to the grocery store. What does this mean to you? Faster load times! This has sped up my site considerably, making your experience that much more enjoyable.

Server Upgrade

Back on February 22nd, we shut the site down for a few hours so that we could upgrade our servers and the software that runs on them.  This brought us up to the current version of several different programs which improved security and stability. But not only that, it too increased the browsing speed of the whole site. I don’t know if this excites you but it sure made me wiggle with joy.


As I already said, for quite a while the site speed had been on the slow side.  Along with the upgrades mentioned above, we found that a few of the feature plugins that we had been using were really taxing the system. So we turned almost all of them off until we could either replace, upgrade or fix the conflicts.  All seems to be well now. :)

Related Posts

We also discovered through a long process, that the “related posts” plugin was part of the creeping problem.  This feature was found at the bottom of each recipe, where it listed other recipes or techniques that were relatable to the recipe that you were looking at.  I LOVED that feature but again, we had to turn it off until we found a better version. After much research and testing, we found one! So they are back. They might look a  little different then the old ones (if you remember) but they are great.  Be sure to check them out because they just might spark some inspiration.

Amazon Store

Some of you noticed that the Amazon store was “closed” for a few days too. Once we upgraded the system, the store plugin broke and we found out that the developer of that plugin had abandoned post and wasn’t offering technical help anymore. We have it working now, but are testing out a new system on our development site that is better supported.  We should be rolling that out soon, until then though, the store is fully functioning for your shopping convenience.

More Ideas to Come

New Member Home Page

After sharing with you all the current changes that we have done recently, I also want to keep you in the loop of some of the other items that we are currently working on.  We are in the process of designing a new “home page” for you, the member.  The goal is to provide a page that you will always log into. It will display the last 3-4 recipes that have been released, it will also display the hottest trending recipes from the site, and all of your membership info will be found there.  Oh, we are also wanting to add a section where you will get instant updates from me,  Amie Sue. I think that’s pretty darn exciting!

New Forum

The other project that we are working on and testing out is a new forum format. We are seeking out one that is a bit more user friendly and inviting to use. My goal for the forum is to bring all of us together… one big happy family that help inspire, encourage, and support one another.

Chat Program!

And lastly, (at least for now) we are testing out a chat program!  Now, this is my all time favorite feature. It will either be free-standing on the site or it will be tied into the forum. We are still working out that functionality.  This will allow instant contact with me when I am on the computer.

Well, that about sums things up for now. I hope you enjoyed reading about all the wonderful things that we have been working on for you… Because it really is all about YOU! Creating a space for you to come learn, experience, enjoy, and relax. So, go slap on that apron and tighten those strings, we have some work to do in the kitchen! Have a blessed and happy day, amie sue

14 thoughts on “Nouveau Raw Upgrades

  1. jkbolian says:

    Thank you for your clear up-date. I appreciate your recipes and healthy advice. You’ve brought fun and excitement into our kitchen as well as helping my husband and me live healthy lives.

    Judy B.

    • amie-sue says:

      Your comment put a huge smile on my face Judy. :) Fun and excitement is the name of the game here! That and delicious.. nutritious foods! hehe Thanks for the feed-back. Have a wonderful afternoon, amie sue

  2. Vicky says:

    Some serious changes very welcome ones
    Thank you for keeping everything rolling
    This site and your recipes are number one
    Proud to be a long time fan and a member of Nouveau Raw

    • amie-sue says:

      Thank you Vicky. I appreciate the kind words, they really warmed my heart. A day doesn’t go by where we are not working on the site, a lot goes into it, but it’s our heart and passion. Have a glorious evening, amie sue

  3. JasperJackson says:

    Thank you for working so tirelessly, this all sounds brilliant! I love the photo of the traffic cones on the desktop ha ha!

    • amie-sue says:

      Good afternoon Jasper,

      You are welcome. We really love what we do and hope that it shows. :) Thanks for the feed-back. Have a blessed up and coming week! amie sue

  4. GG says:

    Greetings Amie Sue,

    Much admired your site improvements (among my favorites: “Related Posts”) :>)) Truth is, I always navigated easily through it as it is so self explanatory conceived.
    As we travel quite often, I appreciate a good light appliance (that could travel in my suitcase for my raw-making goodies). So I discovered: https://almondcow.co
    It’s a time (& cheese-cloth) saver way of making almond milk (a novelty?!, I do not know). I’m not sure if you like the idea (or it suits the “raw world”). These 2 young inventors will deliver the orders starting April. (No, they do not pay me to advertise :>)). Just sharing my little “discovery”.
    Thank you for letting me be part of your raw-gourmet passion (I’m dehydrating right now the honey oat bread, YUM). Virtual hugs,
    Mikaela (GG)

    • amie-sue says:

      Thank you GG. I appreciate your message and compliments regarding the ease of navigating through the site. That has always been a huge goal for it.

      You know, I saw the kick starter ad that they did for the almond cow. I would love to give it a try some time. I can see if being handy for those with hand strength issues. It’s wonderful that new ways are always being invented when it comes to kitchen tasks. hehe

      Happy to have you here as part of the family of Nouveauraw :) Enjoy the honey oat bread… yummy! Blessings, amie sue

  5. kbolan says:

    Great idea for the member home page. When I get an e-mail with a new recipe and click on the link to log in, I then have to search for the new recipe because it does not immediately display. Having the most recent 3-4 recipes display will eliminate the search time. Love it! Thanks for all your effort and hard work!


    • amie-sue says:

      I understand that frustration Kathleen. We are a work in progress, hoping to make the transitions and experience a good one. I appreciate your patience as we work through it all. As time passes, we keep gaining more insight as to how to make things function even smoother. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. hugs, amie sue

  6. Joanie says:

    Amie Sue – Thank you for ALL your hard diligent work in sharing your love for raw foods. I’ve learned so much. Thank you for caring about all of us out here.

  7. tugstudios says:

    A Million Thanks to You & your team, Amie Sue, for all this fabulous techie work you are wading thru in order for all of us to enjoy a brighter more inclusive future!!!!! :) I ditto all the complimentary shares that my fellow NouveauRaw followers have stated and happy to see we apparently are all on the same page of Mucho appreciation of You. :):) :) :)
    a shout out to Mikaela for the link about the “almond cow” <- interesting indeed.
    Lots of Yummy probiotic cheesecake finger-lick'n Hugs for You !!
    With Joy,

    • amie-sue says:

      Good evening Wendy,

      Always a pleasure to hear from you. :) I appreciate the warm and kind words. I wish I was as “computer smart” as I am when it comes to working in the kitchen… but we keep on learning! That Almond Cow looks interesting huh? :) I trust you had a great weekend. Loved my probiotic cheesecake finger-lick’n hug! hehe Blessings, amie sue

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