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#3 – Kombucha – Equipment Needed

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my kombucha station filled with my brew and bottles waiting to be filledHere is just a quick summary of the equipment that I use and/or recommend.  We all know that starting off with the best quality ingredients makes all the difference in the outcome of a recipe.. the same goes with having the right equipment.

I always want to do my best in setting you up with the right equipment from the get-go so you can have a successful experience. Let me learn from my mistakes, so you don’t have to unless you’re into that kind of thing. hehe

Kombucha making can become a very ceremonial tradition, and as time passes, you will find that there is a wide range of ways kombucha is made.  Don’t let any of this frighten or confuse you. I am laying out the simple basics, and in time you will find your rhythm. We all dance to beat of our own drum, right?!


Brewing Vessels:

Spigot for Continuous Brew:

heating band around the kombucha jar vessel

Optional – add a heating band

Heating Band:

Thermometer Strip:

Tightly woven fabric or a coffee filter, rubber band:

Long handle spoon:

variety of bottles used when bottling home brewed kombuchaFunnel:





Let’s Go Shopping


Brewing Container & Spigot

Heating Band & Adhesive Temperature Strip

Misc. Tools

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  1. denjoanlewis says:

    Hi Amie Sue – the link to your vessels used is not working. Thanks for this amazing tutorial. Joanie

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