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#6 – Bottling Kombucha from a Continuous Brew

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Bottling Kombucha from Continuous Brew filling each bottle from the spigot Bottling Kombucha is simple, and perhaps it’s silly to create a posting just for bottling the yummy liquid probiotic drink, but I realize the art of simplifying things for those who are new to the art of …. well, anything actually. Why limit it to just the art of fermenting?  I will keep this short and simple but give you some helpful tips.

If you are new to the idea of continuous brew, click (here) for detailed information.

To bottle from continuous brew:

  1. With continuous brew, you don’t need to remove the SCOBY because you will be draining your completed kombucha through the spigot on the jar.  But please keep the protective lid on the jar at all time, so fruit flies don’t get in.
    • Speaking of fruit flies, if you have an issue with them, eradicate them before doing any fermenting.
  2. Place heavy-duty glass bottles under the spigot and fill each jar.
  3. You can either enjoy as is or do a second fermentation to flavor and effervescence.
    • If you don’t want to add flavor and effervescence, fill all the way, cap, and place in the fridge.
    • If you wish to add flavor and effervescence, leave about 1/2″ from the top, and click (here) to learn how.
  4. Don’t drain ALL the kombucha from the container, leave 50 % in the vessel.
    • This will be your starter for the continuous brew; it is often referred to a starter liquid.
  5. Don’t forget to label your bottles. You don’t have to get as fancy as I do, masking tape and a pen work great too.


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