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#2 – Kombucha – Ingredients Needed

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Just like I share in all my other recipes, the quality of kombucha begins with the quality of your ingredients. Don’t forget this first rule of food preparation, or think of it as a place to skimp.  Bob and I would much rather wear second-hand clothing so that we can eat better. This was something we talked about early on in our relationship.

holding a Kombucha SCOBY up so you can get a good view of what they look likeYou might be able to identify with me here, but, I put off making my own kombucha for years because I was so intimidated by the process and quite frankly, the ingredients. Deliberately using caffeine and white sugar cane sugar? The very things that I had spent years coming off of, avoiding, and shooing away if it ever approached our front door!

Finally, I slipped on my big girl apron and tightened the strings with a fierce determination of overcoming a culinary fear. Yep, even I have them from time to time. It was like reverting to the days when spices made me weak in the knees whenever I slid open the spice drawer.  I conquered that, so why can’t I conquer this?! I can, I will, and I did.

I dove in head first and started off by learning how to do the continuous brew system. I have been doing this for over a year now, and the process is now second nature. So, do you have your big girl/boy apron on? Well tighten those strings and get ready. Remember, I am always with you throughout the process.

Let’s Start with the Basics

The essential ingredients needed to make kombucha are a SCOBY, tea, sugar, water, and a starter liquid.  Flavoring can come into play later on if you desire. Read more about that (here). But let’s not jump ahead of ourselves.  Let’s give our kombucha a solid, successful, and nutritious foundation.


Why do I need a SCOBY?

a jar holding green teaTea:

Why tea?

What type of tea?

Is there a wrong type of tea to use?  

What about caffeine?

a white bowl of sugarSugar:

Why sugar?

What type of sugar?

Is there a wrong type of sugar to use?  

How much sugar will be in my drink?


What type of water?

Is there a wrong type of water to use?  

Starter liquid:

What is a starter liquid?


Let’s Go Shopping

Prices are subject to change. I shared the most current price to use as a reference point.



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