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In case you haven't noticed, we have a new landing page. Here you will see every new post that passes through NouveauRaw. So, if you evern feel that you missed an email or two, just scroll on down this page. It is in chronological order.  Have a blessed day! amie sue

—— December 15, 2018 ——

Gift Packing Ideas for Granola

Christmas, Kitchen Diary

Handmade gifts are the best kind, particularly when they’re edible. They’re so much more personal, and no one can resist homemade cookies or granola, especially when these raw gourmet goodies are prettily packaged.

Pear-reduction-sauce served for breakfast

—— December 14, 2018 ——

Pear Reduction Syrup

Dressings, Dips & Sauces, Members Only

I stumbled upon this creation when I found myself with a case of ripe pears that we harvested from our orchard. Typically, I slice and dehydrate them, but this year I wanted to do something more creative. Unfortunately, I waited a little too long and found myself with loads of fresh, juicy pears that were demanding some instant attention.

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—— December 13, 2018 ——

Christmas Storybook Tradition

Gift Ideas and Crafts, Kitchen Diary

I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I love traditions. I am not referring to routines which are totally different. Today, I will be opening up my heart to share one of the holiday traditions that Bob and I are creating.

Raw Food Recipes

—— December 12, 2018 ——

Kiwifruit – Furry Fruit

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

Have you ever seen how kiwis grow? Do you pluck them off a bush or tree? Have you ever experienced an itchy, or tingling sensation in your mouth or perhaps the corners of your mouth start to sting?


—— December 10, 2018 ——

Bourbon Barrel Aged Fudge

Chocolate, Members Only, Sweet Treats

If you click on the recipe title I will walk you through on how to make this simple, yet delicious raw, vegan, sweet treat for the holidays.

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—— December 09, 2018 ——

Winter Indoor Snowball Vignette

Gift Ideas and Crafts, Kitchen Diary

No matter where you live, artificial snowballs will make for a fun and whimsical addition to your Christmas decor and can even be displayed beyond the holidays. A few days ago I got to spend the day with a special girlfriend of mine, Leesa. It is always a real treat for… read more »

—— December 05, 2018 ——

Macadamia Nuts – A Hard Nut to Crack

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

Macadamia nuts have a very hard seed coat enclosed in a green husk that splits open as the nut matures. It holds a creamy white kernel containing up to 80% oil, which accounts for their rich, buttery flavor.


—— December 04, 2018 ——

Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Protein Bark

Members Only, Sweet Treats

This recipe will help you out if you find yourself short of time but need a quick treat to make for loved ones, holiday gatherings, or just for yourself!

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How yellow guava grows and raw guava in vegan diets

—— November 28, 2018 ——

Guava Fruit – Move over Apples

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

Just like most fruits, there are dozens of varieties of guavas being grown in the world today. They can be round, oval, or pear-shaped, and the skin color may range from green to yellow.


—— November 21, 2018 ——

Pomelo Fruit – Grapefruit on Steroids?

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

Pomelos... They remind me of a sweet grapefruit on steroids. The fruit of a growing pomelo tree is the largest citrus fruit in the world, from 4-12 inches across! LOVE that.

—— November 19, 2018 ——

A Thanksmas Gift for Your Friends and Family

Kitchen Diary, Members Only

Today, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of you who have been so supportive of my passion here at Nouveauraw. This site has been in existence since 2007, and it has flourished into my favorite playground. Back in 2016, we become a paid membership-based site to…...

—— November 16, 2018 ——

Our Thanksmas Celebration

Kitchen Diary

Good morning! I hope this email finds you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I have been so busy this past month and I wanted to share with you just what the heck I have been up to. By the time you get this email, we will be in the midst of a week-long “Thanksmas” Celebration with some of our family and friends. As much as I wish YOU were joining us, I thought that by sharing some of my creations, decor, and ideas, it would bring you into our world a little bit more.

Have a blessed and happy weekend, hugs. amie sue


—— November 14, 2018 ——

Starfruit – The Entire Fruit is Edible

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

If you are new to starfruit the taste can be a complex flavor that may be tart or sweet, combining flavors of pineapples and lemons. The entire fruit is edible, except the seeds. Starfruit has a slightly waxy textured skin, and the inside flesh is firm, crunchy and extremely juicy – quenching any thirst.


—— November 07, 2018 ——

Sunflowers – Sun Trackers

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

The sunflower stalk can grow...
The center of the flower that houses the seeds can hold as many as...
Due to its deep roots and ability to soak up water and harmful substances, sunflowers are often used for...
The leaves are large, individual, with long stems, and heart-shaped. The stem usually develops...

The answers to these questions plus more lay within, click on the link and come learn more about the foods you are eating.


—— November 04, 2018 ——

Nutty Gingerbread Muesli

Breakfast, Members Only

Oh yes! It is that time of year... Fall. The air is brisk and chilly, the house is warm and cozy and I am ready to tuck myself within for the winter months. When this time of year rolls around all I can think of is sewing, writing, creating recipes, working on art projects... all while sipping a rich aromatic tea. Do you ever wonder why or how a quick whiff of cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves can trigger a cascade of memories?

—— October 31, 2018 ——

Grapefruit – Pucker Up Buttercup

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

Have you ever noticed trees that are painted white on the bottom? Ever wonder why? Come learn about here, plus many other interesting facts about how grapefruits grow and are harvested.

Raw Food Diet - Soaking Walnuts

—— October 24, 2018 ——

Walnut Trees and How They Grow

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

We have all heard of a flock of birds or a herd of cows, but what do you call rows and rows of walnut trees? The answers lay within... click on the title above and learn so much more about walnuts and how they end up in your grocery cart.

Using pumpkins in raw recipes

—— October 17, 2018 ——

Pumpkins – They are Technically a Fruit

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

As many of you may know, I lived in Alaska for twenty-eight years. One of the great festivities that we looked forward to each year was the Alaska State Fair. One of the first stops that we would make was to see the award-winning cabbages and pumpkins. There is something…...

—— October 15, 2018 ——

Perfecting the Springform Pan and Crusts

Cheesecakes, Members Only, Pastry and Decorating

today, I am going to share a few tips and tricks on how to create an aesthetically pleasing crust that can be used in both sweet and savory applications.

hemp seed milk in tall glass

—— October 12, 2018 ——

Hemp Seed Milk

Dairy Substitutes, Members Only

"Milk does a body good." Well, hemp milk definitely does a body good! It is a nutritional powerhouse, loaded with essential fatty acids, essential amino acids used to build protein in the body.

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—— October 10, 2018 ——

#1 – The Where Our Food Comes From Series

Kitchen Diary, Where Our Food Comes From

I created this section to shine a spotlight on a particular food or ingredient that we often use in our raw culinary journey.

—— October 08, 2018 ——

Hemp Seeds – Super Tricky to Harvest

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

So what exactly is hemp, and how is it different from the psychoactive form of cannabis that we consume medicinally and recreationally? Ever been curious about that? If so, click on the link above and come more about this superfood!

—— October 05, 2018 ——


Kitchen Diary

With Summer behind us and Winter in front of us… I am nestling in comfortably to our new Fall weather.  This is my favorite time of the year. I love the brisk days, the chilly nights, stroking the flame in the fireplace, and all the warm, cozy fabrics that make their… read more »

—— October 03, 2018 ——

Storing Prepared Raw Foods and Shelf Life

Members Only, Storing and Caring for Ingredients (5 lessons)

Today, I will be sharing some shelf life suggestions. Along with those suggestions, you will also want to engage your senses. Use your eyes, nose, touch, and taste to determine how fresh something is or isn't.


—— September 28, 2018 ——

How to Grow your own SCOBY from Scratch

Kombucha Learning Center, Members Only

The easiest way to get a SCOBY is just to buy a kombucha starter kit online or acquire one from a friend, but I get that it isn't always possible.  Here, you will learn how to create one from the ground up. Ok, maybe not entirely from the ground up... we are going to cheat a little.  We are going to piggy-back off of a store-bought raw kombucha.