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Happy August! (I can’t believe it’s August already!) I have been keeping you updated on the broken links that you may come across within the recipes. An old plugin broke on the site which caused this. After my IT guy spent months fixing it, I am now at the stage of HAND fixing each broken link so it’s taking me some time. In the meantime, if you see a link with a line through it, still use that ingredient (the line just means that it is broken) Blessings, amie sue

― January 07, 2020 ―

#2 – Your Path Your Journey

#1 - Welcome, Start Here, #1 — Introduction | Free

When it comes to healthy eating we are all on the same journey and that is to achieve optimal health. The only difference is that we have, are, and will take different paths in getting there. This has been on my heart for years and I thought it was about time to share what’s in my heart.

vegan gluten-free oil-free nut-free pizza crust

― January 07, 2020 ―

Sweet Potato Pizza Crust | Cooked | Oil-Free

 Members Only, Pizza Crusts —

Today’s recipe is gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, yeast-free, and oil-free. The main ingredient is steamed sweet potatoes accompanied by a small amount of rolled oats and just a couple of other ingredients (6 altogether, including the spices)! This crust is crispy on the outside, crunchy along the edges, and soft in…...

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vegan oil-free gluten-free chickpea flour and oat wraps

― January 07, 2020 ―

Chickpea Flour and Oat Wraps | Cooked | Oil-Free

 Members Only, Wraps | Tortillas —

Flexible, sturdy, springy wraps made with nothing more than rolled oats, chickpea flour, and psyllium husks (plus water and spices). Naturally vegan and gluten-free, they are fast (make-in-the-blender fast!), easy, versatile, delicious, and nutritious (high in fiber and protein)! Because when I make wraps, that’s just how I roll (pun…...

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vegan oil-free organic corn tortillas

― January 07, 2020 ―

Corn Tortillas | Cooked | Kids’ Corner | Oil-Free

 Members Only, Wraps | Tortillas —

As a recipe designer, I have come to learn just how special it is to make your food from scratch. There is something beyond gratifying about it. Making corn tortillas is nothing new in the culinary world, but it is something that I had never tackled before…until now. And trust…...

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― January 04, 2020 ―

#1 – What is R.A.W. (Real, Alive, Whole)

#1 - Welcome, Start Here, #1 — Introduction | Free, Kitchen Diary

The definition of “raw” is R.A.W. — Real, Alive and Whole.
Whole foods are found in nature, only have one ingredient, and it hasn’t been processed. Whether you decide to eat a raw diet, cooked diet, or (what I recommend) a diet infused with both worlds… whole foods are key.

― December 30, 2019 ―

Waltz Across Heaven

Kitchen Diary

Good morning, as I sit here, it feels like Christmas was months ago, yet it’s only been five days! It’s been a long week, a good one, but a long one. Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, whether they are filled with family or not, I hope you found… read more »

― December 22, 2019 ―

My Favorites Feature is now Fixed!

Kitchen Diary

Ok, we have fixed the MY FAVORITES section! Chris (our IT expert) spent a lot of time trying to figure out the Favorites Feature issue, and it looks like he was able to not only fix it but also was able to SAVE your current favorites list. If for some… read more »

― December 19, 2019 ―

Malted Hot Chocolate

 Members Only, Beverages, Christmas

Few beverages are as deeply-rooted in childhood memories as hot chocolate. It’s rich, thick, creamy, amazingly warming and comforting, like a big hug in a mug!  And why not take an ordinary wintery drink and turn it into a super-food hot chocolate?! This hot chocolate is not your ordinary hot…...

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― December 15, 2019 ―

Vanilla Cinna-Yum Grain-Free Granola

 Members Only, Granola

In this Vanilla Cinna-Yum Grain-Free Granola, I swapped out the “typical” oats for a mixture of seeds and sprouted nuts—making it completely gluten-free and Paleo-friendly. Fragrant vanilla, maple syrup, and cinnamon give these crunchy clusters the classic granola taste you crave, minus the artificial ingredients. Cinnnamomomom Oh, I do love…...

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― December 12, 2019 ―

Coconut Cashew Sugar Cookie Thins

 Members Only, Christmas, Cookies, Nuggets & Balls

A wafer-thin, firm but chewy cookie that is the perfect snack to satisfy that sweet craving without sacrificing quality, health, or taste.  These cookie thins are reminiscent of sugar cookies. That wasn’t my intent, but I am one to go with the flow. They are firm to the touch but…...

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― December 07, 2019 ―

Oatmeal Waffles | Oil-Free | Nut-Free

 Members Only, Breakfast —, Waffles | Sweet and Savory —

A few days back, I was talking on the phone with my biological dad. I felt it was important to say biological because, for those of you who have been around for quite some time, you know I talk about my family often. And to reduce confusion, I have two…...

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― December 05, 2019 ―

My Holiday Gift to YOU – The Reference Library!

Kitchen Diary

Good day everyone, I have some very exciting news to share with you. After working long and hard on this project, we are finally launching a major new part of NouveauRaw! There are over 100 NEW lessons in this section. You will learn everything from what are the best ingredients… read more »

― November 28, 2019 ―

Pecan Pumpkin Raisin Cake

 Members Only, Cake & Pies, Christmas, Thanksgiving

An easy, yet impressive dessert that’s perfect for the holiday season and beyond! Pumpkin makes for an incredibly moist and flavorful cake. The sweet pecans and warming spice are the finishing touches that make this dessert genuinely irresistible. Well, in truth, the frosting is the finishing touch, but the cake…...

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― November 26, 2019 ―

Blending verses Juicing (what’s the difference and benefits)

 Members Only, High-Powered Blenders - worth the investment (5 lessons)

Supplementing your dietary intake with fresh juice and smoothies can be enjoyable (yep, you heard me right… enjoyable!) as well as an effective tool for maintaining your health. I will be going into detail regarding the difference between juicing and making smoothies, but the main thing that they have in…...

― November 24, 2019 ―

Buttery Coconut Crackers

 Members Only, Crackers

As you gaze over the ingredient list, you will notice that I used ripe pears as the primary sweetener for this cracker. Oddly enough, the pear flavor didn’t shine through as I had imagined. Instead, it has a coconut flavor (that part didn’t surprise me), but it also ends with…...

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― November 13, 2019 ―

With a Grateful Heart (my return home)

Kitchen Diary

Good morning my dear friends. Monday, November 11th at 6:07 pm, as we gathered around Grandma… she departed from our presence in PEACE. I am so grateful for Hospice. She was able to spend the last month of her life, surrounded by the life that she had cultivated.   I was honored… read more »

― November 12, 2019 ―

Matcha Green Tea and Lemon Swirl Cheesecake

 Members Only, Cheesecakes

This cheesecake is my farewell gift to the Summer of 2019. Although I am dumb-smacked how quickly time passes these days, I am looking forward to the Fall and Winter months. I love the slower pace feeling that gently moves through the air, I love the chilly weather, and I…...

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― October 31, 2019 ―

Life Update

Kitchen Diary

Good day everyone. I just did an update in our private Facebook group, and now I am here to give an update to those of you who don’t participate in Social Media. I am sorry that it has taken me a while to get back to everyone’s comments and messages…… read more »

― October 16, 2019 ―

Chocolate Dipped Chewy Fruit Leather Lollipops

 Members Only, Candy, Halloween Recipes

Well, you clicked on the recipe title, so that shows me you are interested in trying my raw, vegan, nut-free, GOURMET candy-on-a-stick!  It’s a favorite for kids and adults alike. Made from quality homemade fruit leather and antioxidant-rich raw chocolate.  The title may sound sophisticated or complicated… but don’t let…...

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― October 10, 2019 ―

My Absence due to Family Emergency

Kitchen Diary

Good day my fellow health seekers. I just wanted to give you a quick update as to why I haven’t released any new material as of late. I intended to reach out sooner, but it wasn’t till now that I found a spare moment to do so. My grandmother is… read more »

― October 02, 2019 ―

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Cake

 Members Only, Cake & Pies

~ raw, vegan, gluten-free ~ If you are a rhubarb lover, raise your hand… Great!  I see that 99% of you are.  I had no idea that so many of you loved rhubarb!  We have so much in common. :) Rhubarb was always a staple food when I use to…...

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― September 15, 2019 ―

Homemade Stainless Steel Cleaner

Health, Beauty and Home

Fingerprints, smudges, streaks, oh my! I love the look and durability of stainless steel but it can be a bugger to keep nice looking. In my Studio Kitchen, I have many objects (sink, table, organizers, etc) that are prone to such conditions. So how do I keep them clean? In… read more »

― September 09, 2019 ―

Movement “Lifestyle” Challenge

Kitchen Diary

Good day everyone! I hope this posting finds you all well. Today, I put out a challenge on our members Facebook page…. so here I am extending it to you too! I am calling this challenge, “Movement Lifestyle Challenge.” Personally I need encouragement and support in moving my body daily. I… read more »

― August 24, 2019 ―

Being Prepared for Unexpected Guests (the importance of slowing down)

Kitchen Diary

Good day, Health Seekers… how is everyone doing? It’s so hard to let it soak in that school has started for most kids, and Sept. is peeking at us just around the corner! We found out that we will have some (welcomed) unexpected guests with us for 3-4 days. I… read more »

― August 04, 2019 ―

Summertime Polka Dot Cheesecake

 Members Only, Cheesecakes

Summertime and polka dots go hand in hand, well they do in my book.  I love it when foods take me on a stroll down memory lane, don’t you? Want to take a walk with me? Great, let’s go… You see, as a wee little one, I would spend my…...

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