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In case you haven't noticed, we have a new landing page. Here you will see every new post that passes through NouveauRaw. So, if you evern feel that you missed an email or two, just scroll on down this page. It is in chronological order.  Have a blessed day! amie sue

—— January 23, 2019 ——

How Long Do Nuts & Seeds Last?

Members Only, Storing and Caring for Ingredients (5 lessons)

I get this question a lot, and it's a good one because everyone wants to make the most of their investment. And I say investment because nuts are not cheap, especially if you seek raw and organic ones. So, today, I hope to clear it up for you.  There isn't an exact science to their shelf-life due to many variables that can come into play such as; climate, packaging, how old they were when purchased, and so forth.  But let's dive in and see if I can't lay out a few helpful ideas.

Hidden inside those fat, long pods are handfuls of delicious beans, but they make you work for it. All good things in life require a little work, and work builds character, right? So think of these as a character building bean! I am not selling this very well, am I? But seriously, despite the seemingly never-ending shucking involved, fava beans have a buttery goodness that you don’t find in other beans, making the toilsome undertaking a true treasure hunt.

—— January 23, 2019 ——

Fava / Broad Bean – Worth all the Work

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

Dspite the seemingly never-ending shucking involved, fava beans have a buttery goodness that you don’t find in other beans, making the toilsome undertaking a true treasure hunt.

raw vegan Nutty-Nugget-Cereal-F

—— January 21, 2019 ——

Nutty Nugget Cereal

Breakfast, Members Only

A great way to satisfy hunger at the breakfast table is with these tiny crunchy clusters made with pure, whole food ingredients. This breakfast cereal is grain-free, corn syrup free, yet is loaded with sprouted nuts, dried fruit, and spices—making it completely gluten-free and Paleo-friendly.

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how dragon fruit grows and how to use it in raw diets

—— January 16, 2019 ——

Dragon Fruit – Queen of the Night

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

There is a uniqueness to this gorgeous tropical fruit, and that is it lives only one night. First, the cactus produces a beautiful pink or yellow flower. Sometimes called "moonflower" or "Queen of the night," the plant blooms from evening to midnight, only to wither in strong sunlight. During the night, the pungent flowers are pollinated by moths and bats. Although the flower dies, the cactus bears dragon fruit (pitaya) about six times every year.


—— January 15, 2019 ——

Using Essential Oils (instead of whole ingredient)

Members Only, Substitutions - how, with what, and when (7 lessons)

For this post, I am thrilled to share about preparing dishes with essential oils, a world where each drop is filled with bright, vibrant taste. Essential oils are the highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic essences of plants. One thing that we really need to be cautious about is that you only use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) oils for internal purposes. Be sure to read labels with care because plant medicine is potent and not all of the essential oils are meant to be taken internally.

—— January 15, 2019 ——

How to Use Herbs (fresh or dried)

Members Only, Spice Blends, Substitutions - how, with what, and when (7 lessons)

Adding herbs and spices adds a depth of flavor that turns any dish from ordinary to extraordinary. This post is about how to substitute herbs and spices but I will also spend a little explaining how they are used in raw food applications. There is a little different approach then we use(d) when cooking.


—— January 15, 2019 ——

Flour Substitutions

Members Only, Substitutions - how, with what, and when (7 lessons)

Raw, gluten-free flours are all the rage. With so many dietary restrictions these days, wheat flour alternatives are at their all-time high. You can walk into just about any grocery store and find a wide variety of nut, seed, and grain-based flours. They won’t be raw, but they can still…...

Raw Food Diet

—— January 15, 2019 ——

Oil Substitutions

Members Only, Substitutions - how, with what, and when (7 lessons)

Oils are used to create moisture, or they can help a recipe firm up once its been thoroughly chilled. I also add them for their nutritional benefits. Always aim for cold-pressed, virgin, extra-virgin versions. They should be stored in dark containers, glass if possible, and the color should resemble the plant it originated from.

Raw Food Diet

—— January 15, 2019 ——

Nut and Seed Substitutions

Members Only, Substitutions - how, with what, and when (7 lessons)

A lot of raw gourmet recipes call for nuts and/or seeds. They are heavily used because they are great replacements for glutenous grains and flours. They play many roles in recipes. They give bulk to recipes, they act as binders, some make creamy bases, they add flavor and most importantly... they add in nutrition. But due to tastes, availability, allergens or dietary restrictions, we may need to find substitutions. I will be giving replacement suggestions for select nuts and seeds... these are not the golden rule, just a guideline. I selected nuts and seeds that MOST compliment the item you are needing to replace.

raw vegan Cracked-Black-Pepper-and-Black-Truffle-Salt-Kale-Chips-in-jar

—— January 14, 2019 ——

Cracked Black Pepper and Black Truffle Salt Kale Chips

Kale Chips, Members Only

Black Truffle Sea Salt... my new spice love affair. Combine that with my deep-rooted enjoyment of kale chips and POW... my hidden superpower of "willpower" is completely defeated. haha My kryptonite! Do NOT underestimate the luxurious culinary delight of truffles.

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—— January 11, 2019 ——

#3 – Eating Out with Grace and Ease

#2 - Successfully Transitioning Your Diet, Members Only

Eating out whether it be at a friends house, a picnic, a potluck, or at a restaurant can be very overwhelming when you are trying to eat healthily. Do you ever find yourself staring at a menu, surrounded by friends and family who are all excitedly selecting foods left and right... overjoyed with all their options? And yet, there you sit... staring so hard at the menu that the words and photos just slip off the pages.

—— January 04, 2019 ——

How to Clean and Care for Your Dehydrator

Dehydration - what you need to know (9 lessons), Members Only

This may seem silly to talk about but cleaning and maintaining your equipment is important. These tools help us in our day to day food prep so it's only fitting to treat them the appreciation that they deserve because let's face it, they help make us look good when we set the food down before our loved ones.  It is best to clean your dehydrator on a regular basis if you want it to last for years and to be assured that the food you are preparing will be dried in a safe environment.

—— January 04, 2019 ——

Ginger Pear Granola Bars

Bars, Members Only

These eat-on-the-go bars will help to keep you full and satisfied as the day progresses. They are nutrient dense without any added sugar. The pears alone add the perfect amount of sweetness that doesn't leave you feeling sugared-out.

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—— January 02, 2019 ——

Papaya – Does it taste like Soap?

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

The fruit's taste is vaguely similar to pineapple and peach, although much milder without the tartness, as well as creamier and more fragrant, with a texture of slightly over-ripened cantaloupe.


—— December 31, 2018 ——

Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie Wisps

Christmas, Cookies, Nuggets & Balls, Members Only

Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie Wisps... are just what they sound like. They have the rich "butteriness" of baked sugar cookies and they are almost paper thin, giving them a unique texture.

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—— December 28, 2018 ——

Humble Gingerbread House

Christmas, Members Only

Everybody loves the idea of making a gingerbread house as the holiday season approaches, but that’s about as far as most of us get. As I was constructing this gingerbread house, I would explain to those around me just how challenging it is to create a raw, vegan, healthy(er) version.…...

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—— December 27, 2018 ——

Happy Holidays from my Kitchen to Yours

Kitchen Diary

I know that you are all busy during this time of the year so I will keep this brief. Bob and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being part of the Nouveauraw family. Your support, no matter what fashion it may come in, has been… read more »


—— December 26, 2018 ——

Apples – An Apple a Day

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

Did you happen to know that there are 2,500 varieties of apples are grown in the United States... 7,500 varieties of apples are grown throughout the world??? Well, shiver me timbers. Why is it that I typically only eat about eight varieties? I need to expand my horizons.


—— December 24, 2018 ——

Frozen Cookie Dough Gift Idea

Christmas, Cookies, Nuggets & Balls, Members Only

What do you give the person on your Christmas list who has “everything” or the coworkers you hardly know but wish to bless? Tasty treats, of course... tasty RAW treats that is. One way to everyone’s heart and soul is through the stomach. This holiday season, give your family and friends a gift from the heart — and the heart of your home, the kitchen. I have a brilliant last-minute solution that is easy to make, tastes delicious, doesn't require baking, and is far more nutritious than any store bought sweet treat!

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raw vegan chocolate-Salami

—— December 23, 2018 ——

Chocolate Salami Log

Chocolate, Christmas, Members Only, Sweet Treats

So the title and photos may seem a bit of a head-scratcher. Let me clear one thing up in case you are confused, chocolate salami doesn’t contain any meat! The salami name derives from the physical appearance which is cylindrical and can be sliced for serving.

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—— December 19, 2018 ——

Hazelnuts – Oregon State Nut

Ingredient Directory, Members Only, Where Our Food Comes From

Hazelnuts are highly prized for their easy-to-crack shells and small, sweet kernel.


—— December 18, 2018 ——

Gingerbread Wafer Cookies

Christmas, Cookies, Nuggets & Balls, Members Only

One bite of these cookies and you will understand what it feels like to taste a hug. Each bite is packed with the amazing, rich flavors of molasses, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. A symphony of flavors that will have our taste buds singing in unison! They leave a lasting impression.

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—— December 17, 2018 ——

Polar Express Hot Chocolate Mix

Beverages, Christmas, Members Only

For those times when you want a rich, creamy hot chocolate but don’t want to use those store bought brands that are loaded with undesirable ingredients... this homemade hot chocolate mix is made of simple ingredients but has all the creaminess and chocolate you could ask for.

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—— December 16, 2018 ——

Winter’s Blend Granola Bar

Bars, Members Only

These bars are raw, vegan, grain-free, salty sweet, have the perfect hint of warming spices in them, they are chewy, they are mildly sweetened with a fiber-packed Medjool dates, and they are just flat out yummy.

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—— December 16, 2018 ——

Winter’s Blend Granola

Granola, Members Only

While many conventional granolas are sweetened with refined sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, this granola gets its sweetness from a small amount of maple syrup.

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