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July 4th -  Today, I opened up another NEW section to the site... Houseplants! I will continually be adding more content to this section so be sure to check it out!

I am continuing to add NEW, delicious, and nutritious recipes to the Cooked Vegan Recipes. Right now, I am not sending out individual emails for each new cooked recipe, so be sure to watch down below for all the latest posts being added.  

Also, the Amazon store is still down, BUT we are closing in on it (making progress) I appreciate your understanding and patience. Blessings, amie sue


― April 29, 2020 ―

Life Update | New Vegan Cooked Recipes Coming on Board!

Kitchen Diary

Come, sit down with me in the Studio. I have something I want to share… In every situation that I go through in life, I try my darnedest to find the silver lining. What I am about to share is not to diminish or make light of the current world… read more »

― April 28, 2020 ―

Storing Prepared Raw Foods and Shelf Life

 Members Only, Storing and Caring for Ingredients (5 lessons)

Today, I will be sharing some shelf life suggestions. Along with those suggestions, you will also want to engage your senses. Use your eyes, nose, touch, and taste to determine how fresh something is or isn't.

― April 25, 2020 ―

#2 – Transitioning from the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet)

 Members Only, #2 - Successfully Transitioning Your Diet

If you are reading this, it means that you are ready to make a significant change in your eating lifestyle. Congratulations for that and for being here. I for one am excited. In the posts linked above, I talk about what a raw food diet looks like and how to start making the mental changes when approaching a new lifestyle. Please take note that I am referring to it as a lifestyle, not a diet.

― April 23, 2020 ―

Creamy Cashew Butter

Condiments | Free, Nut & Seed Butters

I realize that this recipe seems to simple to post, but I have to ask, “Have you ever made cashew butter?” If not, then this post will teach you a thing or two.  Nut butters are very easy to make, but they like to trick you into thinking that you… read more »

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― April 21, 2020 ―

Flavor Profiles that Pair Well in Recipes (+PDF)

 Members Only, Recipe Templates and Guides (12 lessons), Spice Blends

When you are creating in the kitchen, every dish we make is inspired by flavor. When we truly understand the essence of our ingredients, and what comprises their function and taste, the more successful our dishes will be. Pairing for Success Knowing how to pair spices along with fresh, whole foods…...

― April 18, 2020 ―

#3 – AmieSue.com (just another name I go by)

#1 - Welcome, Start Here, #1 — Introduction | Free

Have I ever told you that I think my husband is brilliant? Well, it is true. He is my number one fan and supporter (in all areas of my life),  especially when it comes to expressing my passions.  NouveauRaw being just one of them. Nouveauraw.com has been in existence since 2007, and… read more »

raw vegan gluten free

― April 16, 2020 ―

Petite Lemon Blossom Cupcakes

Cake & Pies, Desserts | Sweet Treats | Free

For the love of all things adorable and tiny! These cupcakes made me smile every step of the way. The pan, the itty bitty liners, the little cupcake batter balls, and the frosting! We can’t forget the frosting. I was piping and dancing around the kitchen to one of my new Pandora playlists; Fly Me to the Moon Radio. All the songs this list has been playing makes me glide all over the kitchen. So what if it took me three times as long to make them, I was having fun!

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― April 15, 2020 ―

Cheesy Vegan Polenta with Mushrooms and Wilted Kale | Oil-Free

 Members Only, Instant Pot Recipes —, Main | Side Dishes | Soups —

When Bob and I sat down to enjoy a bowl of this Cheesy Vegan Polenta with Mushrooms and Wilted Kale, we were taken aback by all the layers of flavor and texture. The polenta coated our mouths with a rich, creamy umami (a pleasant savory taste). We can thank the…...

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Raw Food Diet - How to melt cacao butter

― April 11, 2020 ―

Grating and Melting Raw Cacao Butter

Techniques | Free, Working with Raw Chocolate

Grating and Melting Raw Cacao Butter Raw cacao butter comes in several different forms.  You can find it in one solid block form, in random-sized chunks, or preformed discs.   But to use in recipes, it needs to be in liquid form.  To speed up the melt time, we need to… read more »

― April 09, 2020 ―

Recovering the Lost Art of Preparing Foods from Scratch

 Members Only, #2 - Successfully Transitioning Your Diet

The task of preparing food at home, from scratch, is close to being added to the list of extinctions. With takeout options galore and grocery store convenience foods, it seems that our culture is quickly losing the art of preparing food at home, let alone from scratch. For me, the thought of cooking from scratch conjures up feelings of warmth, home, and comfort.

vegan gluten-free oil-free quinoa pizza crust

― April 07, 2020 ―

Thin Crust Quinoa Pizza | Complete Protein | Oil-Free

 Members Only, Pizza Crusts —

An unconditional crust with crispy golden edges, soft and chewy on the inside, leaving you with a texture and taste that makes you want more — like “Back OFF, it’s mine!” more. Plus, the crust/bread has just four simple ingredients, including water and spices. It is a terrific and EASY…...

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vegan gluten-free pizza crust with toppings

― April 07, 2020 ―

Buckwheat Pizza Crust | Cooked | Crispy Thin Crust | Oil-Free

 Members Only, Pizza Crusts —

Here we go… another pizza crust recipe, but this time I made it with soaked, whole buckwheat kernels. I love creating options because the more we can rotate ingredients, the more diverse our nutrient intake will be. I wrote a post called Where and How Do I Get All My…...

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― April 07, 2020 ―

#3 – Cleaning the Fridge and Freezer

 Members Only, Kitchen Organization Basics

The fridge is the hub of your kitchen. The fridge doors are most likely the most used doors in the house. We depend on it to safely store all of our perishable foods until we're ready to use them. Unfortunately, the refrigerator takes a lot of abuse. We stuff it full. We forget about leftovers. We leave spills until they've crystallized. Then we complain when there's even the slightest unpleasant odor. (throws hands in the air)

― April 04, 2020 ―

How to Use Herbs (fresh or dried)

 Members Only, Spice Blends, Substitutions - how, with what, and when (7 lessons)

Adding herbs and spices adds a depth of flavor that turns any dish from ordinary to extraordinary. This post is about how to substitute herbs and spices but I will also spend a little explaining how they are used in raw food applications. There is a little different approach then we use(d) when cooking.

― April 04, 2020 ―

Almond Flour – from Almond Pulp / skins removed

 Members Only, Homemade Raw Flours, Ingredient Directory

If you need a white, fine, raw almond flour… this is the next best thing to what you find commercially made. As you may or may not be aware, the almond pulp is the by-product of making nut milk. You can’t purchase almond pulp at a store… Yet. I am…...

― April 02, 2020 ―

Sweet and Spicy Mustard Cheese | Vegan | Nut-Free |Oil-Free

 Members Only, Seed & Nut Cheeses, Vegan Cheese —

Sweet and Spicy Mustard Cheese Do you ever have one of those days where everything is a little fechatted?  I sort of had one of those days in the kitchen, but in the end, it was to my benefit. My mind was clear on the cheese recipe that I wanted…...

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― March 31, 2020 ―

Nourishing and Quick Snack Ideas

 Members Only, Quick Nourishing Meal / Snack Ideas

Throughout the years, I have been a snacker, and then at other times, I haven't. I go through phases. Right now, I don't have any fast rules about snacking, some days I do, and some days I don't. The key to snacking is to have healthy snacky foods readily available in the pantry, fridge, or freezer.  There are a LOT of things that I love about a raw whole food diet, but one thing that is a huge bonus is that most raw recipes can be easily frozen. Click on the link above and let's explore the world of healthy snacking! blessings, amie sue

― March 28, 2020 ―

#2 – Do I HAVE to Soak Nuts & Seeds?

 Members Only, Soaking Nuts, Seeds and Grains

Do I HAVE to soak nuts, seeds, and grains? All this soaking and dehydrating makes food preparation so hard and time-consuming! I get this question often and hear this complaint even more so.     I would love to be standing in a beautiful meadow of delicate yellow flowers, surrounded by the impressive…...

― March 26, 2020 ―

Vegan Sweet and Spicy Mustard Cheese Chips | Oil-Free

 Members Only, Snacks —, Vegan Cheese —, Vegan Cheese Chips, Vegan Cooked Recipes

Crispy, crunchy, flavorful, cheesy chips! Vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, and nut-free! They are not 100% raw due to the agar, but if you don't have an issue with that, you will be pleasantly delighted by this recipe. I coined this technique years ago while experimenting in the kitchen. I will never stop playing with my food because there many more discoveries to be had!

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close up of buckwheat

― March 24, 2020 ―

Buckwheat | Soaking and Sprouting

 Members Only, Soaking Nuts, Seeds and Grains, Sprouting

Buckwheat Groats are one of the quickest sprouts around.  You can soak ’em for 20-30 minutes, rinse a few times and enjoy. Or you can continue the process to fully sprout them which can take up to 48 hours, which will unlock a powerhouse of nutrients. Buckwheat groats are nutty, plump…...

― March 21, 2020 ―

Foods that Shouldn’t be Eaten Raw

 Members Only, #2 - Successfully Transitioning Your Diet, Ingredient Shopping Basics (7 lessons)

The options are almost limitless when it comes to the types of foods you can enjoy in the raw form. Of course, almost all fruits and vegetables are enjoyable when consumed without cooking. But, there are a few foods that we need to be aware of and shouldn't be eaten raw.

making vegan raw Coconut Jicama Rice stuffed Jackfruit

― March 20, 2020 ―

Coconut Jicama Rice stuffed Jackfruit Pods

 Members Only, Main & Side Dishes, Small Bites

One of the pleasures of home cooking is discovering that favorite, longed-for foods are not so out of reach, after all... even if they need to be sugar-free, raw, grain-free, and dairy-free.

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― March 17, 2020 ―

#7 – Knives that I Recommend

 Members Only, Knife Essentials - everyone needs to learn this (6 lessons)

Knives are a valuable tool to have in the kitchen... a sharp one that is. Some of you may not be aware of this, but a dull knife can cause more harm than a sharp one. When you have to saw back and forth and use downward pressure while cutting, there's a chance for the knife to slip and knick a finger or two.

― March 14, 2020 ―

Fight Food Waste – How to Store Produce

#1 — Introduction | Free, Storing and Caring for Ingredients (5 lessons)

Start off on the right foot after purchasing the ripest, freshest produce. Below is a list of fruits and veggies that I put together. I realize that I hardly scratched the surface, especially for those of you who live in other countries. Use the “best by” time frames as suggestions. The timing will be determined by how fresh and ripe they are once you bring them home.

― March 12, 2020 ―

Natures Path Pear n’ Oat Granola

 Members Only, Breakfast, Granola

I believe in real food made from simple ingredients that taste amazing and carries a pack of nutrients.  This granola is dairy-free, vegan, soy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free. Real food from nature. On top of that, it has NO fillers. NO artificial anything. Preservative-free.  It is crunchy, perfectly sweetened, and packed full of nutrients. If this resonates with you, keep reading.