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Dehydrated Banana Peels


Today’s post is all about the garden, but instead of talking about what we take out of it, I am going to talk about what we put INTO it. Fertilizer! This is a simple fertilizer that can be made every time you peel a banana.

Going on a “Walkabout”

I wanted to let you know that for the first time since Nouveau Raw began, that I won’t be available for the next month or so to answer emails, comments or question. This starts on Jan. 8th. Please click on the blog title above to read more about it. I wanted to let you know ahead of time just in case you had any possible questions that I can answer before Friday.

Twas Five Days Before Christmas…

Well here we are… five days from Christmas. I worked really hard on sharing all the candy recipes that I created this season but individually, I just couldn’t get them out quick enough…. SO I released them all last night. I didn’t want to overwhelm your inbox, so I created a blog posting, listing each one that I created. I sure hope that you enjoy them. It was so fun being able to create these for my family and friends. May your week start out gloriously! Many blessings, amie sue

Christmas and Gift Packaging Ideas


If you enjoy playing in the kitchen, then you probably enjoy giving food gifts to friends and family. Christmas time isn’t the only time I give food gifts, it’s a pretty much a frequent thing for me. But there is something extraordinary about giving out “baked” goods during the Christmas holidays.

How to Host a Raw Cookie Exchange


Have you ever hosted a cookie exchange? Have you even heard of such a thing? To some it’s a new concept, to others its a generation tradition. Click on the link above, I share how to successfully host one. Enjoy and be good! :) amie sue

How to Create a Dress Form Christmas Tree


Be Social This year I created a Dress Form Christmas Tree.  My inspiration came from my little sister who sent me a photo of one and said, “You must make one of these!”  I agreed.  It was right my alley.  I did a little research to see how they were made but couldn’t find anything, but I knew it couldn’t be that difficult.  And now you will know too. You will need a dress form on a stand.  I found mine through a private Facebook group that is a virtual garage sale for the area that I live it.  It is… Read the rest of this entry »

The Pits…


Well, isn’t that just the pits….

Raw Crispy Monkey Brittle is for Sale Online!


The title says it all… Raw Crispy Monkey Brittle is for Sale Online!

Noodle Mania!


Good morning! I created a new category in the recipe section called Noodle Making / Alternatives. I meant to release this last night instead of the broccoli noodles but it didn’t happen. :) I hope that you are having a wonderful week! Blessings, amie sue

New Added Feature ~ “Your Favorite Recipes”


Good morning! We have installed a new feature to Nouveau Raw….I think you are going to like it, so come on in, click on the title above and come see what we did. Have a wonderful day. amie sue

A Special Thank You… Best of Raw Results are in!


The title says it all… well, not really so click on it please. :) Oh and Happy Monday!!

Happy Thanksgiving and a “New” Recipe Round Up


Good morning! We are only a few days away from Thanksgiving and I have many recipes to share with you. Today, in this post I am sharing a handful of new recipes that would be perfect for Thanksgiving and for the following holidays. I have a few more that I hope to get out in time… so stay tuned. :)

Best of Raw… Time to Vote!


It’s time to voice your support for those who have helped or inspired you on your raw journey. I trust that you all are having a wonderful weekend so far. :)

Where Nouveau Raw’s and now Oldfather Farms’ creations come to life… my pantry


Some people like to peek into medicine cabinets when they visit friends or family… me… I like peeking in their pantries. :)

Introducing Oldfather Farms Raw Food Manufacturing Company


I interrupt the normal scheduling of recipe releases to bring you some exciting news… Recipes will resume the following day. I hope you don’t mind. :)

Upgrades on Recipe Viewing


A button has been born!!! Come check out a new option that we have created in how you look at recipe names.

Peaches, Fruit Flies and Fruit Roll Ups


Peaches, Fruit Flies and Fruit Roll Ups… are we having fun yet? :)

Best of Raw 2013 – We Won!


here is a special send out and thank you to each and every of you who voted for us. I love the community that has grown up around my site over the years. :)

Update ~ Best of Raw Voting ~ Now made easier!


Thank you to those who have already voted for your favorite raw food blog. For those who had troubles or didn’t want to sign in using Facebook… they have now made it easier. Have a great day! amie sue

Best of Raw: Time to Vote for all Your Raw Favorites


Good morning! A cold one that is. Tucson is having a freezing warning this weekend. A freeze warning? Shoot, it is warmer in Alaska right now. Global weirding. :) Anyway, this blog post is a just a quick one. I was nominated to join the “Best of Raw” this year. Click on the link and I will tell you more about it.